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International Day of the Girl Ambassadors are champions for the day and the campaign in their countries, and working with WAGGGS throughout the year to continue to support our "World We Want for girls. Girls in the lead" campaign.


Michelle Alvarez, Philippines

Asia Pacific Region

International Day of the Girl Ambassador Asia Pacific Region

My name is Michelle Alvarez,  and I am a young adult volunteer at the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. I worked in the public sector, and I recently finished my Master’s in International Development Policy.

I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was eight years old, and will be a Girl Scout forever. My experiences in Girl Scouting have made me a person who loves adventure, loves to plan and organize and engage with people. Inspiring girls and empowering them is what excites me.

My heart beats for girls and young women, and I want to see them in a world free of discrimination and violence.




International Day of the Girl Ambassador Africa RegionIombonana Andriamampionona, Madagascar

Africa Region

 I am Iombonana, Girl Guide of Madagascar, I am from the association Fanilon’i Madagasikara. I am a member of the national team and youth committee.

I am really proud to be nominated as ambassador of International Day of the Girl and I will give my best to be equal to the expectation. I think it is an opportunity for us to increase public attention about girls’ issues and it is also the first step to build the perfect world for girls.


IDG Ambassador MaiMai Hassouna, Egypt

Arab Region

Hi, my name is Mai and I’m a Girl Guide leader from Alexandria, Egypt - a beautiful city by the Mediterranean Sea.

I hold a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems from the Faculty of Commerce – Alexandria University and currently work as a Training Manager with an international hotel chain in my home town.

I’m very passionate about girl guiding and have been a Girl Guide leader for 7 years now. Volunteering as a Girl Guide leader is such a privilege. It’s a very rewarding yet humbling experience, when you see that you’ve made a difference in the lives of young girls.

 Being an Arab girl, one cannot stress enough how important it is to have an “International day of the girl”. What I will write will probably be cliché, however, it has to be said: In our Arab culture girls are considered to be a burden, a hindrance to success, an accessory, an object and more, while – if brought up correctly – girls are able to change the world. That’s what I stand for as an ambassador.


International Day of the Girl Ambassador Europe RegionEleni Beveratou,Greece

Europe Region

My name is Eleni and I am a Girl Guide from Greece. I currently live in London and work as a typeface designer.

I have been in the Girl Guides since the age of four and later on was for several years a leader in the Brownies. Right now, I am a member of the Europe Region External Representatives Group which works on external relations at European level.

Coming from a Girl Guiding association where boys are also accepted I have learned how to empower girls and educate boys about the fact that we are different yet equal. Therefore, I am really looking forward to spreading this message even more.


International Day of the Girl Ambassador Western Hemisphere RegionLorena Obando, Costa Rica

Western Hemisphere Region (Spanish speaking)

My name is Lorena and I am a Minor Branch Leader (ages 7 to 10 years) at Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica, which is a Scouting and Gudiing National Organization (SAGNO) . I’ve been in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting for 12 years and I also work at the national level of my Member Organization. I am also a Medicine student. 

As one of the Western Hemisphere's Ambassadors for the International Day of the Girl, I will support WAGGGS’ commitment to girls. I know this will be a great experience and there are lots of fun and learning opportunities coming soon. I also want to help people to change the world and imagine more for girls! 

International Day of the Girl Ambassador Western Hemisphere RegionKourtney Pratt, Canada

Western Hemisphere Region (English speaking)

I am Kourtney Pratt from the Girl Guides of Canada. I have been an adult member of the Girl Guides of Canada for the last three years as a leader with a Brownie Unit (7 to 8 years).

I am 22 years old and am currently finishing up my Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Dance and Political Science.

It is an incredible honour to be selected as an Ambassador and I look forward to contributing to bringing awareness and change about the continued discrimination and violence towards girls. I am passionate about empowering girls to become confident women that will promote a positive change for generations to come.



IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Maria Agustina, Argentina Maria Agustina, Argentina

I am María Agustina from Girl Guides Argentina. I have been a Girl Guide for 17 years and I love every minute of it. At present, I am a Brownie leader but I have also worked with Guides.

I am 23 years old and I am an anthropology student reaching the end of my course.

As one of the Western´s Hemisphere Ambassadors for the International Day of the Girl I look forward to supporting WAGGGS initiative to empower girls by raising awareness about important issues such as gender inequality and discrimination. I consider this to be a unique opportunity to promote a positive change towards the world we want for girls. 


Kate Kemmerer, USA IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Kate Kemmerer, USA

My name is Kate Kemmerer and I am part of the Girl Scouts of the USA. I currently serve as a volunteer with my local council, Girl Scouts of Eastern PA, having just finished my degree in Economics and Spanish.

I served as a volunteer at Our Cabana in the summer of 2013, and there I was inspired by the power of the international Guiding and Scouting movement to make a difference in the world. I know how important it is to support girls and young women, and I want to make sure others do, too. I want to give back to Girl Scouting what it has given me.


IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Saudia Edghill, Guyana Saudia Edghill, Guyana

My name is Saudia Edghill and I am a member of the girl guiding family for approximately ten (10)years. For the past three years, I have held the post of a young leader of the Guyana Girl Guides Association. It is indeed an honour and privilege to be selected as an Ambassador of the International Day of the Girl 2013. I care very much about children and I’m very passionate about their empowerment, especially empowerment of girls. Throughout this year I intend to focus my energies towards delivery while working towards the promotion of human rights of girls and building the perfect world for girls. Girls are the most important agents of change and have a crucial RIGHT to a world free of discrimination. 


Prisca Randriamampihavana, MadagascarIDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Prisca Randriamampihavana, Madagascar

My name is Prisca Randriamampihavana and I am part of the national board of the Girl Scouts of Madagascar as member of the Youth Committee Commission. My diverse tasks range from GS trainings, joint projects implementation to resources mobilization, events and communication.

Passionate on children and youth development, I find worldwide girls and young women present situations dreadful and their future even worse if we let it continue. Even with all the ambition and hope we could gather on earth, a drastic change for a perfect world for girls will not happen by itself.

Decisions and responsibilities taking, manners and behaviors changing  in favor of girls and young women have to be initiated, promoted, taught, shown and applied at all levels to become effective and I am more than happy to be part of this genuine campaign initiated by WAGGGS.

Each small action towards this change counts and this is what I want people to realize since change starts from self.


IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Sharmeela Karmali, TanzaniaSharmeela Karmali, Tanzania

My name is Sharmeel Karmali and I’m a newly recruited young leader in the Tanzania Association of Girl Guides (TGGA).  My journey as a Girl Guide started when I was only ten as a brownie.  At that time the only thing I knew was how much I enjoyed going to meetings and how it always made me feel closer with other girls.  Girl Guiding has helped me build my self esteem, form better relationships with others as well helped to strengthen my principles and values hereby making me a better person.

I have always wanted an opportunity to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with other Girl Guides and to make them feel the passion I feel about Girl Guiding. I have also been brought up in a mixture of Indian and African cultures, where boys are seen as superior to girls.  I feel that if I can just inform and educate at least some girls and help them realize that they are equal to boys – I will be able to empower them to take a lead in various ways in their lives! 

Zoe Kam, Hong Kong IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Zoe Kam, Hong Kong

My name is Zoe and I am a Girl Guide from Hong Kong. I am a guider of a Girl Guide company and a ranger guide as well. I am currently a nursing student and going to be a nurse in the coming year.

This is my tenth year in this heart-warming family. Guiding not only provides me with many opportunities, but also allows me to explore myself. As being selected as an ambassador of International Day of the Girls, I really hope to be part of this movement and empower girls and young women to go beyond the expectations. This will definitely be a learning opportunity and a great experience for me and other Girl Guides as well.


Chihro Yamamoto, Japan

IDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Chihro Yamamoto, Japan My name is Chihro Yamamoto and I am a young leader of Girl Scouts of Japan. I am also a member of the youth committee of my local council.

I have been a Scout for 12 years and working as a leader for a year. I participated in the Helen Storrow Seminar in March 2013. I am studying for a nursing degree at university.

It is a very great honour for me to be an Ambassador for the International Day of the Girl. I look forward to encouraging girls to improve their leadership skills and speak out to change the world. 


Bonne Annee Ombaku, Democratic Republic of CongoIDG Ambassador 2013/2014 Bonne Annee Ombaku, Democratic Republic of Congo

I am a lawyer and I operate the theme in relation to realities of our country.







Xime Carreño, Ecuador

My name is Xime Carreño. I joined the Movement in  2005 and now am leader of a pre-Brownie group, the youngest members of the Association.  I have been a TECHO volunteer (youth-led, non-profit organization working with families in poverty in Latin America) since 2010.  My main motivations are my pre-Brownie girls and all the girls from the families with whom we work in TECHO in seeing how far they can come with just a little bit of help.  Each meeting with the girls fills me with pride to see how they are developing, overcoming their fears - something we all have experienced in Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting. When I am working with the TECHO families I often ask myself if I have had the opportunity to grow and develop as a new leader, then why can't they?  This is why I am an ambassador every day for girls - making sure that it is not just a question but a reality.


Ashma McDougall, Dominica – profile coming

Gremaine Umuraza, Rwanda - profile coming

Brigitte Poinoosawmy, Mauritius - profile coming

Erin Forte, Guyana - profile coming

Kerri Merchant, Guyana - profile coming


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Amber Robinson - 16 October 2013 - 7.05AM (GMT)

Sharmeela I'm so proud of you! Mum Thinks you have done a wonderful job! Can't wait to see you again :) xoxo Your Cousin, Amber

Munira B Mistry - 10 October 2013 - 6.01PM (GMT)

So many young girls as Ambassador to bring change in life of Girls.I appreciate their courage.I even became leader at 16years and still being Leader.I have spoken to many girls to fight for their rights.While travelling in Bus or Trains and also in groups .

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