Delegate schedule

The CSW delegates have a busy schedule planned. They will be providing daily updates on their activities - here is a quick overview.

24 February

Arrival of delegates in New York, USA.

25 February

All day WAGGGS training for delegates

26 February

Delegates assisting with facilitation at the Working Group on Girls' preparation day.

27 February

CSW begins in earnest.

WAGGGS joins the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) to coordinate the Young Women’s Caucus, a series of working group meetings focusing on policy discussion, advocacy action and networking with decision makers. This will involve different organizations and groups, and the content of the Young Women’s Caucus is to be determined at the conference by the young women. 

29 February

Young Women’s Caucus

1 March

WAGGGS parters with Soroptimist International, YWCA and Friends of Cambodian Child’s Dream Organisation to host a panel discussion titled 'Violence Against Rural Women and Girls: Experiences and Solutions', on the different risks and challenges in responding to violence in rural areas. 

5 March

Young Women’s Caucus

7 March

Young Women’s Caucus

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