Sunday 27 November

COP 17 youth delegatesToday we finished with our WAGGGS training and took our last photo in front of the wall which was painted for us. Then we went to UKZN to attend the last day of the seventh Conference of Youth (COY). We were divided into groups. People went to attend different workshops and their respective working group to get more knowledge and being more prepared to star the COP17.

During our last day at COY, we attended different workshops like “gender and sustainability” which focused on how people of different genders are affected by climate change, another was “how youth can set affective goals for climate change” which talked about how to use your personal story to communicate a message – it was based on president Obama speech.

When we left the university the rain started and we had to come up with creative way to go the bus which it was fun on its own.

Then we moved on to the hotel, and on our way to the hotel some of the girls were very excited to see the ocean for the first time.

Our day ended on a high note with girls showing enthusiasm to go and experience the vibe of COP17.    

Thembekile Constance (South Africa) and Irene Grace (Uganda)

Wherever you are in the world, join the delegates in a global action on 1 December, Young and Future Generation Day. Find out how you can take part here or watch the video below.


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