Monday 21 November

WAGGGS youth delegates finally together!

After months of waiting, the WAGGGS youth delegates are finally together in Durban, South Africa. We want to keep Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world updated on what we are doing in Durban, so watch out for our daily updates! Now, we want to tell you about our first day here…COP 17 Delegates

Our environmental projects 

During the first day, each youth delegate shared a story of an environmental project that she is involved in. We realised that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are really doing some great projects in their communities; everything from recycling and energy saving campaigns to tree planting and raising awareness about environmental problems.

Leaving our trademark in Durban

COP 17 delegates painting muralThis first week in Durban, we are staying at a campsite run by the South African Guides. To leave our trademark behind, we decided to create a painting on an empty wall. The painting shows environmental actions that Girl Guides have done. With this, all future visitors to the campsite can get inspiration on how they can help save the planet.

Preparing for YoFuGe day

Young and Future Generations Day on 1 December is an important day for all of us. Today, we have put together a movie that introduces the actions we will do on this day. All guides are encouraged to join us in the actions, so watch the film and join us on 1 December! Read more about the actions here.

Edith (Nigeria) and Mia (Denmark)

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