Friday 25 November

First day of COY

COP 17 - COY7 youth delegatesFrom the day we arrived in Durban, we have been doing a lot of preparations, both related to our personal projects, but also prep for the conference itself. Today it finally paid off, when the WAGGGS youth delegation really showed what we made of by attending the seventh Conference of Youth, also known as COY7. COY is a three day long “get-together” for youth before COP. It consists of workshops, inspiring people and a lot of meetings, to make sure that we will stand stronger at the “real” conference.

COP 17 - COY7 youth delegatesYou have probably already guessed that our day was really exciting and interesting, and that guess is correct. By trying everything from painting t-shirts and attending workshops on COP, to interviewing people and speaking out in public, we all grew far more confident in doing what we came here to do. As we returned to Fairfell, the day ended with a proper Guide activity, a big campfire with the local Brownies and Guides. A great way to end a great day!

Linea (Sweden) and Kristina (Denmark)

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Julie Fink - 28 November 2011 - 10.24PM (GMT)

Hi girls. It's great to follow your updates and good to hear you enjoyed the COY! It sounds like you are really ready to make that deal now - so go for it! I wish you all the best for the comming tough days of lobbying. I am sure you will do a great job!

Best wishes from Denmark

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