Climate Heroes and Climate Zeroes

The WAGGGS delegates have shared their views on who they think was top and who was a flop during COP 17

Beatrice from Kenya 

My climate heroes are two, first the President of COP as she mentioned the youth often in the process and the WAGGGS delegates as we were involved in every opportunity we were given.

My climate zero was time as there was so much to do and less time to do it all.

Nicole from Switzerland

climate hero:  Anjali Appadurai speaking on behalf of youth (and of course everybody involved in her speech) - powerful, amazing, impressive - and I hope it got some people to think about it. (at least the chair did!)

climate zero: Canada - for acknowledging the importance of climate change, doing the opposite of what would be needed and still pointing fingers at others. 

Esther from Nigeria

My climate Hero was the president of COP 17 and for the fact that she was a WOMAN and in times when we are seeking for women empowerment.

My climate Zero was the countries who were much polluters and never wanted to accept the blames but dragging issues

Thombi from South Africa

My climate hero - it is Denmark because they shown commitement when they signed and when they made a target of what they will do or acheive by 2020.

My climate zero-  U.S when they totally refuse to sign the agreement and when they pulled out of this agreement
Kristina from Denmark

Climate hero, besides the WAGGGS youth delegation of course, was Mr. Maas chairing the LCA and SBI contact groups on capacity building for recognizing youth as important actors of change and for letting me (almost) open the first LCA meeting with the YOUNGO speech.  

Climate Zero: air-conditioning in the ICC building. Fancy clothes are put above climate justice and the result was freezing cold rooms and the flue.

Tiffany from South Africa

Climate Hero – The South African Girl that spoke on behalf of UNICEF at a side event – she was incredibly confident and passionate and gave me hope and motivation that here are young people in Africa taking a stand for what they believe in and are not afraid to take control of their future.

Climate Zero – I was really disappointed that there was not a concrete South African Youth Climate Coalition

Ashley from Canada

Climate Hero: My climate hero would have to be my Capacity Building working group. This was my first time ever formally working on CB and I was unsure of things at the beginning. The CB WG was very knowledgeable in it and seemed to know what was going on everywhere and with who, which was great!

Climate Zero: My climate zero would have to be the Canadian government because they withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol and they seemed to be in a very negative spotlight the entire time at the conference.

Megan from Canada


Fatima from Mexico

Bronwyn from Australia