Making the SDGs mainstream!

Angeli, 24, is part of Girl Scouts of the Philippines. After recruiting over 600 girls to join U-Report - a social messaging tool that gives young people a voice on the issues they care about - Angeli was invited by WAGGGS to fly to New York to take part in the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)…

Angeli, Philippines

As a WAGGGS delegate and representative for Girl Scouting of the Philippines it is my job to ensure the voices of girls and young women are heard by decision-makers and world leaders.

The HLPF brings governments together to share updates on their progress on improving the world, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).

U-Report poll on SDGS
Before the forum, a U-Report poll was conducted on the SDGs and 2,400 young people responded.

51% of the young people polled said they’d never heard of the SDGs. An overwhelming 80% felt their government should do more to encourage or support young people to share their views on how to improve their communities. However, half the young people polled said they’d seen evidence of their government taking action to reduce unfair treatment of women and girls in their communities.

To me, these results reflect the gaps governments must address if the SDGs are to become part of the mainstream conversation. We took these results to the HLPF and they  were shared as part of an event WAGGGS organised on capturing women’s perspectives and perceptions, as well as during a side-event with the Major Group on Children and Youth. In addition to sharing the results, WAGGGS called for governments to work with girls and women so they’re not left out of the picture.

Powerful partnerships

Being part of the HLPF taught me how important it is to partner with other youth leaders and youth-led organisations. Together we play a significant role in promoting the SDGs. I was also reminded that it’s up to governments to ensure young people are involved. Going forward I want to see more young people present on the panels.

I’ve really enjoyed attending the side-events because it is an avenue for young women like me to engage and understand the dynamics of policy-making. 

Moving forward, I hope more girls and young women will join U-Report, so they too can influence local policies in a bid to ensure the world is a better place where no one is ever left behind.



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