Angeli’s top tips for a successful online campaign

Meet Angeli Siladan, our U-Report competition winner from Girl Scouts of the Philippines! After recruiting 638 new U-Reporters, Angeli will be making her way to the United Nations in New York in July to represent girls’ and young women’s voices collected through U-Report at the High Level Political Forum. Angeli made the most of online tools for her campaign to recruit U-Reporters, check out her top tips for running a successful online campaign…

In college, where Information Technology was not the obvious choice for girls, I pursued the tech field. I’ve been able to recognise the impact that technology will bring for the world in the coming years. Combining my knowledge of tech and the skills I’ve learned through Girl Scouting, I started using new tools to raise awareness and funds for the causes I’m passionate about.

From raising money for meals for refugees to lobbying for a bill in Congress, I used what I learned to recruit new U-Reporters. I’m really excited to see the power of the platform – it’s an excellent way to make sure young people’s voices count. It’s important to get as many Girl Scouts and young people as possible to participate.

Here are my top four tips for a successful online campaign:

1. Make it short and specific

Make sure your message is short and easy to understand. Start with a clear introduction and call to action. If you can’t read it yourself in less than 30 seconds, others won’t!

2. Pick the right platform

Make sure you choose the right platform to spread your message to the right people. For me, Facebook was the platform to reach and recruit new U-Reporters, but it might be Twitter, emails… the possibilities are endless.

3. Find some influencers

Choose influencers to help spread the message – they should resonate with the cause, but could be local celebrities, organisations or young leaders. Your influencers will become your online army. I enlisted the help of local leaders to help spread the word about U-Report.

4. It’s always about the cause

Campaigning online isn’t too dissimilar to selling a product. It’s important to show what value your campaign will be giving your audience, and reflect that cause through every message.


I’m so excited to have won the WAGGGS U-Report competition and to be heading to the High-Level Political Forum. But more important is that the competition brought U-Report to so many more girls. The platform is an exceptional way for young people to have a voice on critical issues through the online polls.

This will be my first visit to the United Nations Headquarters, and I am humbled by the opportunity. I hope to share the solid numbers that U-Report provides as evidence of the need for change, and the stories that people can identify with, which lie behind the statistics.

This will be an important gathering of world leaders and influencers. I am excited for what comes next and to work together in partnership with other young participants.


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