Living the Promise and Law in Kuwait and beyond

Girl Guides in Kuwait have been supporting refugee communities near and far for 20 years, providing supplies and a helping hand as the need arises.

062016_Kuwait_WorldRefugeeDayAs part of a region that has endured a series of conflicts and disasters over a number of years, the Girl Guides of Kuwait felt compelled to take action in response to events around them. They developed ‘Project Peace School Bags’ - a project which started in 1996 and continues to this day. For the project, Girl Guides gather school supplies for refugee children, including backpacks, exercise books, pens, pencils and other items that children might need to help them resume their education and feel excited about going back to school.

Through Project Peace School Bags, the Girl Guides of Kuwait have sent school supplies to refugee communities all over the world, supporting children displaced by both conflict and disaster. Following the Indian Ocean tsunami that struck Sri Lanka in 2004, school bags were delivered to children across the country to help them get back to school quickly. School bags have also been sent to children in Algeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon.062016_Kuwait_WorldRefugeeDay

In addition to their work to support refugee children, Girl Guides in Kuwait have also been busy collecting food, cooking supplies and blankets to distribute to refugee families living in their community and help them to feel welcome. By working directly with the families and connecting with them, the Girl Guides have learned more about the refugees and the struggles they have endured. Understanding the impacts of war and displacement on children and families has only reinforced the girls’ desire to provide support to those that are in need.

062016_Kuwait_WorldRefugeeDayGirl Guides of Kuwait have committed over a number of years to helping others and continue to respond to the needs of those around them as they arise. They exemplify the guiding principles in the work they do to support refugees and we celebrate their dedication to actively engaging with and supporting refugees as the crisis continues. 

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