It’s time to say Stop the Violence!

Karina Vellejas is a member of Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica, and part of a team of leaders working to bring the Voices against Violence curriculum to Costa Rica.

Karina Villegas Bermudez“Being a Guide has changed my life. It changed the way I relate to others and the world. When you accept the challenge of becoming a Guide, you quickly realize the huge value of people who are truly committed to selflessly working for others, and just how much our society needs these people. You suddenly begin to observe the world more carefully and become more sensitive to the issues in our world.

For example, the struggle thousands of girls and young women face every day as victims of violence. As a result of seeing the issues, you decide to take action. I say that it’s time to change the reality for those thousands of girls and young women. It’s time to say Stop the Violence against girls and women!

girl with megaphoneTo achieve an end to gender-based violence against girls and young women, we are rolling out the WAGGGS Stop the Violence programme in Costa Rica. Right now, there is a group of girls in our community prepared to stand up against the threat of violence. Our goal is to spread the message further, reaching more and more people.

With time, the action we take today can bring a significant change to our community, for the good of girls, women, and our world.” 

Karina is a Stop the Violence programme leader. In July, you can help support the development and roll-out of the programme in Costa Rica. We’re raising funds to support training for 144 leaders across the country. Once trained, these young leaders will be able to tackle gender-based violence at its root cause: gender inequality. They will be able to educate young people and their communities to promote gender equality and respectful relationships, and support survivors. Donate now at

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