Helping refugee children is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done

Nidaa Chikhani of the Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association has been working with Save the Children and Aflatin associations to support refugees coming to Lebanon. Here she describes how she felt meeting and working with children who had moved from their homes to escape conflict and find safety.

Lebanese Girl Guide distributes food to refugee children“I have participated in an event planned in partnership with Save the Children and the Aflatin association. The event was designed to help refugees, especially Syrian children who have come to Lebanon.

My role was to help distribute clothes and toys to young children, and all I can remember from my time is the happiness on the children’s faces. This was my first experience working with refugees, and when we started, I was afraid that I would feel strange, and that I wouldn’t be able to communicate easily with them. As soon as the project got started and we began to collaborate with other Guides, my fears evaporated, and I forgot about my concerns.

Lebanese Guides play with refugee children and hoopsIt was an exceptional experience – I felt I was doing an amazing thing. I was proud to be among the people putting a smile on the children’s faces, and part of a project that helped us to bond together – as refugees and the local community.

I know it would not have been so heart-warming if we hadn’t felt the positive response and energy of the children, whom I can now proudly consider as our friends and family. All I can say at the end is that participating in this activity is one of the greatest things I have done in my life. Its beautiful impact, putting happiness on the faces of children, will last forever in my heart.”

Nidaa Chikhani

Leader, Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association – Lebanon

Lebanese Guides event for refugee children

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