Help raise voices against violence in Costa Rica

Zahyra Espinoza has been a member of the Asociacion de Guias y Scouts de Costa Rica for 12 years. Along with Anayancy Villegas Bermudez, Zahyra is leading the Stop the Violence project in Costa Rica.

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Zahyra"When I first began volunteering with the Movement, it was with the intention of helping young women and men to leave the world a little better than we each found it. With the support of many people from our Member Organization (The Association of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica), today Anayancy and I are leading the Stop the Violence project in Costa Rica.

It’s time to say no more

We believe the time has come to say no more. The time has come to reduce the numbers in national statistics: of girls and boys who are subject to violence every day, and of women who suffer domestic violence from their closest relatives – whether their partner, parent or sibling.

It is difficult to watch the news in Costa Rica without seeing mention of this abuse. This violence has led to so many women losing their lives, and left so many children in need of medical attention. They are the victims of abuse by a person who feels that they are superior.

Our national organization decided some time ago to raise our voices and find a way for all of us to raise awareness and stop the violence.

Women need support to empower themselves, just as girls and boys have to overcome a fear. They need to know the rights they have for protection, how to recognise when those rights have been violated, and who to turn to for help when they need it. Together we need to put an end to all the myths that surround gender-based violence in all its forms.

We’re looking to a positive future

In October 2015, I attended a Voices against Violence ACTIVATE training, where I took on the commitment to work hard on this project. I work with the intention of bringing a message of positivity to women and girls - to those who suffer violence, and for all girls. This project must pass from one girl to another and leave an impression on each and every woman: an impression of empowerment.

This project cannot be seen as an act that will only benefit women: The effect of the project will go much further. It will mark the path we follow in every area of our lives and, above all, it will help us all to live in a better and more humane world - a world where men and women respect one another’s boundaries and share ideals.

We want to see homes where women and children do not live in fear of making mistakes because of the punishment for them. Homes where everybody grows up to be honoured and respected, and every member of the household knows their responsibilities and obligations, where there is no aggression.

We are so grateful to all the people and organizations who support this project and are helping to make our vision for the future a reality. Reaching our funding goal will mean that Voices against Violence can reach the lives of thousands of young people in Costa Rica and beyond, helping them to develop to their full potential." 

- Zahyra Espinoza

Help Stop the Violence against women and girls in Costa Rica

We are working with the Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Costa Rica to raise £15,000 to help Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Costa Rica kick-start a national campaign to end violence against women and girls.

£15,000 will allow them to hold three training events, which will be attended by a total of 144 Leaders from across the country, and with your support we can make this happen!

A group of generous donors in the USA have also promised to add 40% to all donations given to this campaign, so your pledge, large or small, will go even further.

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End violence against women and girls in Costa Rica

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