Boxes of Hope

Lynn Bergaoui and Young Leaders from Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association in Lebanon recently organized a distribution of food supplies for refugees in the Beirut area. Lynn explains what the group did and the importance of small actions.

Our first step was to collect donations of money and food – it was surprisingly easy! People were more than happy to give, and Lynn holding a boxwe were able to collect enough to prepare boxes to feed 150 families. We used the donations to put together packs of basic food supplies – rice, salt, sugar, cream cheeses, oil, beans and peas – and packed those in boxes.

Once everything was packed up and ready to go, we used a list of addresses where refugee families were staying to distribute the supplies to the people and regions in need throughout the Beirut area. Giving is the holy season spirit – Ramadan’s spirit, and we were happy to be able to spread the spirit of giving all over the place.

girls packing boxesWe didn’t just fill those boxes with rice, oil, and sugar… we filled them with love, hope and strength. While giving the boxes away to refugees in Lebanon I was so happy, because together we’d achieved something much bigger than ourselves.

It might be a small action against the backdrop of the millions of people in need every day right now, but at least for one night we could be sure that 150 families were able to cook, 150 families could gather together for iftar, and 150 families did not go to sleep hungry that night.

Lynn Bergaoui

Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association Lebanon

Lynn and the Al Jarrah Girl Scouts Association are among hundreds of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts supporting refugees moving around the world every day.

We stand with refugees, Please stand with us and sign the petition calling on governments to ensure every refugee child gets an education, that every refugee family has somewhere safe to live, and that every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community.

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