The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts has developed the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) which is consisting of eight modules, each covering a topic area that enhances leadership skills and personal growth and which supports national Girl Guide/Girl Scout associations in their growth and continued development.

1Hong-Kong.jpgThe eight modules are:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Understanding Leadership
  3. Leading Teams
  4. Diversity
  5. Management Skills
  6. Communication
  7. Advocacy
  8. Setting Direction


 The WLDP is designed for two specific types of leader:

  1. Providing opportunities for existing leaders to develop international leadership skills and experiences, to meet their needs and the needs of the organization at national, regional and world level.
  2. Actively developing potential leaders, specifically young women for current and future roles in their national organization as well as in regional and global resource pools and committees.

The WLDP will strengthen WAGGGS as an organization by addressing the needs of our Member Organizations and giving support in specific areas of leadership development. This is part of our ongoing commitment to assisting Member Organizations and regions in their succession planning.

It will also have benefits at an individual level: For those currently in a leadership role, changing leadership roles or moving into a new leadership role, attending a WLDP event will not only strengthen their capacity but have a conscious and positive affect on other areas of their lives.

The WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme is implemented in a number of seminars and events, run by WLDP facilitators who are also continuously developing their skills to meet the needs of the participants and their national organizations.

WAGGGS is working with leading educational institutions and companies in order to create high quality learning materials. We continue to network actively with other youth organizations with an interest in leadership development.


The WLDP will continue to be developed and implemented during the triennium.

The programme was officially launched at the World Conference in 2008, and since then several WLDP events have taken place:

  • 1st WLDP Facilitators’ Training Workshop May 2008 at Pax Lodge, London
  • Juliette Low Seminar, November 2008, Our Chalet, Switzerland
  • Leading Teams and Diversity, January 2009, Our Cabaña, Mexico
  • Pathways to Leadership, April 2009, Europe Region & Pax Lodge, London
  • 2nd WLDP Facilitators’ Training Workshop June 2009 at Pax Lodge, London
  • Different…. To make the Difference, July 2009, Arab Region, Lebanon
  • Juliette Low Seminar, August 2009, Kenya
  • WLDP seminar – Turning the Wheels of WAGGGS, February 2010, Sangam, India

All WLDP seminar participants will get pretasks to asset themselves, and as a part of the seminar they have to carry out a post-seminar project, related to personal development, including a personal development plan, and for the benefit of their national association or community.

Examples of post seminar projects:toolkit.jpg

  • Educating 50 women about HIV/Aids
  • Planting 1000 trees on the grounds of a school
  • Giving a course on Diversity and Cultural Understanding

The participation in a WLDP programme should therefore leave significant impact on

  • The national association
  • The surrounding community and environment
  • The individual and her network
  • WAGGGS as a Learning Organization

The programme will introduce mentoring, coaching, and e-learning into the delivery methods to reach as many potential leaders as possible throughout WAGGGS.

I have discovered that to be able to lead others I should be able to lead myself – and to lead myself I have to know myself

Participant, Facilitators’ Training Workshop, May 2008