WAGGGS’ Vision is to be the voice of girls and young women to build a better world.  Advocacy is about speaking out and taking action to influence others and bring about positive change.

We not only speak out on behalf of girls and young women everywhere, but also empower young women to advocate for themselves.

COP15 -speaking outWAGGGS advocacy definition

Several definitions of advocacy exist already. For WAGGGS, advocacy is simply:

We influence people to take decisions that will improve our lives and the lives of others

In detail this means:

  • we influence people (= by speaking, doing and educating )
  • to take decisions (= for example change policies or regulations, allocate funding, provide support)
  • that will improve our life and the lives of others (= the result we are trying to achieve)

For WAGGGS, influencing always includes:

Speaking Out, Doing and Educating

In detail this means:

  • Speaking out on issues that affect girls and young women and influencing opinion-formers
  • Doing projects that address root causes of issues affecting girls and young women
  • Educating girls, young women and society at large in areas such as leadership, health, peace and world citizenship

Whatever the issue, for WAGGGS advocacy is about taking a stand and working for positive change. We speak out about important issues that affect girls and young women; we develop projects which directly improve people’ lives; and we educate girls and young women so they can positively change the world around them. Only when all three elements – speaking out, doing and educating – are present can we call it advocacy.

WAGGGS Advocacy toolkit


The toolkit is designed to enable Member Organizations, leaders and groups or troops to introduce or develop the role of advocacy in their Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting programmes and to help influence decision-makers to improve the lives of girls and young women.

The new Toolkit on Advocacy has been produced with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

You can download an electronic copy for free in English, French or Spanish.

Other ways you can get involved with advocacy at WAGGGS

  • Attend an advocacy seminar at one of the World Centres or hosted by the regions
  • Learn about the MDGs using the Global Action Theme (GAT) activity pack and earn a GAT badge
  • Participate in one of the many campaigns WAGGGS organizers and partners with other NGOs and groups
  • Support another MOs advocacy project by transferring skills or providing funds
  • Apply to come along to an international event, such as the UN climate change conference or the UN Commission on the Status of Women where you can be part of a youth delegation influencing decision-makers
  • Become a subject matter expert on topics such as climate change or hunger and poverty and help us develop resources for other young women and MOs to use to advocate on these issues