International non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace has partnered with WAGGGS as part of its Save the Arctic campaign, launched in June 2012.

GreenpeaceGreenpeace invited two young women representing WAGGGS to join an Arctic voyage aboard the Arctic Sunrise icebreaker ship, sailing from the coast of Svalbard in Norway.

The trip was conceived to promote Save the Arctic and to highlight the threat to the fragile Arctic from climate change and commercial activities.

The partnership also comprises a flag design competition titled Flag for the Future, taking place in October 2012. The competition gives young people across the world the opportunity to design a symbolic flag to claim the Arctic as a region that matters to people all over the planet.

For more information, visit Greenpeace's Save the Arctic campaign website.

Two young women were invited to join a Greenpeace Arctic voyage. Photo credit: Greenpeace

Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise ship breaks through sea ice. Photo credit: Greenpeace