World Board and its Committees

WAGGGS is governed by a World Board made up of 17 active Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting members from around the world.

World Board 2013

Twelve of them are democratically elected by all Member Organizations at the World Conference and the five Regional Chairs are elected by each Region at their Regional Conference every three years.

The World Board appoints its own Committees, and ratifies the Regional Committees. It also allocates specific duties to Work, Task and ad hoc groups, and individuals. An important part of the World Board's remit is to develop policy papers, in line with the Strategic Plan, and as agreed at World Conference.

The members of the World Board are as follows. Click on any name to learn more about that member.

Fund Development Committee Chair Elaine Paterson and WAGGGS Chief Executive Mary McPhail serve in an ex officio capacity. The Chair, the Deputy Chairs and the Chief Executive are entitled to sit on any of the WAGGGS Committees and groups in an ex officio capacity.

The substitute World Board members are Niumaath Shafeeg (Maldives) and Florence Chidiogo Enemuo (Nigeria).

World Board member profiles

Nadine El Achy (Lebanon)

Nadine El Achy (Lebanon)

Chair, World Board, 2011-present

World Board member, 2008-2011

Nadine is a member of La Fédération Libanaise des Eclaireuses et des Guides (Lebanon). During her time as a World Board member she has been instrumental is setting the framework for WAGGGS’ Leadership Development Programme (WLDP).

Nadine has worked with several NGOs, and runs an advertising business. She has skills in creative thinking, leadership and non-formal education, design and marketing, business development, event organization and information technology.

I would like to thank you for your trust and I would like to confirm that you have a new Board that is committed and passionate about WAGGGS' Vision and Mission.

Nadine El Achy on her election as World Board Chairman

Sapreet Saluja (USA)Sapreet Saluja (USA)

Deputy Chair, World Board, 2011-present. World Board member, 2008-2011.

Sapreet is the Executive Director of a national US non-profit called The Sikh Coalition, a community-based organization that works towards the realisation of civil and human rights for all people.

She has extensive business experience and has volunteered with US Peace Corps in Uganda and Kenya.


Nicola Grinstead (UK)Nicola Grinstead (UK)

Deputy Chair, World Board, 2011-present

Nicola was a Girlguiding UK Board member from 2005-2011 where she was active in the development of advocacy, external recognition, youth participation and global issues programme initiatives.

Professionally, Nicola works for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) where she is currently Deputy Director of Operations for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

I passionately believe in the WAGGGS mission and the empowerment of girls internationally.

Nicola Grinstead

Fiona Harnett (New Zealand)Fiona Harnett (New Zealand)

World Board member and Treasurer, World Association, 2011-present

Fiona is a member of GirlGuiding New Zealand where she holds several roles. She is Member of the National Board, Chair of Audit and Finance and a National Trainer. She is also a member of the Olave Baden-Powell Society. In a professional capacity she is the General Manager of Finance Operations for Vodafone New Zealand Ltd.

My experience of WAGGGS to date has created a desire to support its work so that as many girls and young women as possible can experience the same benefits I have gained from being both a girl and adult member.

Fiona Harnett

Shaleeka Abeygunasekera (Sri Lanka)Shaleeka Abeygunasekera (Sri Lanka)

World Board member, 2011-present

Shaleeka is a member of the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association. At present, she is a Guide Leader of the 5th Colombo Guide Company. She has previously held the posts of Director, Relationship to Society and Director, Communications within her Member Organization.

Outside of Girl Guiding, Shaleeka is a senior school teacher and school administrator of an international school in Colombo. She is also a partner of a management consultancy firm in Sri Lanka, specialising in strategic planning and resource optimisation. Shaleeka holds a Masters Degree in Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

'Zest' is the key to a volunteer’s life. With passion comes dedication, and the grit and enthusiasm to keep working for the cause despite the invariable obstacles, and the drive to keep looking for fresh solutions. My zest for the spirit of Guiding has enabled me to serve the Movement as an adult volunteer for over 10 years.

Shaleeka Abeygunasekera

Gabriela Derosa (Argentina)Gabriela Derosa (Argentina)

World Board member, 2008-present

Gabriela is a member of the District Council, Mar del Plata of the Asociación Guías Argentinas (AGA).

Previously she was the International Commissioner of AGA and a member (and later Vice-Chair) of the WAGGGS Western Hemisphere Committee.

Professionally, she is a businesswoman and Lawyer. Through her career and voluntary work Gabriela brings with her a variety of skills including specialising in mediation and conflict resolution, general expertise in corporate management and the management of human resources and finance.

Sharifa Al HarrasiSharifa Al Harrasi (Oman)

Arab Region Committee Chair, 2013-present

World Board member 2013-present







Michelle February (South Africa)

World Board member, 2011-present

Michelle holds many roles with the Girl Guides Association of South Africa. She is International Commissioner (National and Cape West Region), National Council Member, Peer Educator and Adult Trainer, Member of the Education and Marketing Committee, Member of the Education and Programme Committee and a Ranger Guider. Beyond Girl Guiding she is a KidsOnly Organizer and Assistant Manager at the One and Only Cape Town Resort, Kerzner International.

I would like to share my passion for Guiding and positively influence the lives of more young women around the world and so contribute to building a better world.

Michelle February

Camilla Lindquist (Sweden)

World Board member, 2008-present

Camilla is a member of the Swedish Guide and Scout Association and has had many different roles within the Association being a Guide leader, member of the National Board and Chair of the organizing committee of the national jamboree in 2007. During the past three years on the World Board she has worked with advocacy and communication. The coming triennium she will focus on governance, strategy and co-education.

Camilla works with an EU Programme for youth mobility at a governmental authority. She has experience in international project management such as the European Year of Volunteering and the Swedish Presidency of the EU.

Low Lih Jeng (Singapore)

Asia Pacific Region Committee Chair, 2010-present

World Board member, 2010-present

Jeng has been with the Movement since her days as a Brownie with Girl Guides Singapore. A lawyer by training, Jeng is a District Judge/Deputy Registrar of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore and Referee of the Small Claims Tribunal. She is a member of her Association's Trefoil Guild.


Wamuyu Mahinda (Kenya)

World Board member, 2008-present

Wamuyu is the founder and CEO of The Youth Banner, an organization focusing on Youth economic empowerment through entrepreneurship. She has been involved in creating a movement of young Kenyan entrepreneurs and is now building on this success to support more young people to succeed in their business ventures.

Wamuyu was the Chief Commissioner of the Kenya Girl Guides Association from 2006 to 2009. She also currently sits on Boards of other youth organizations.

Zahara Mavani (Pakistan)

World Board member, 2008-present

Zahara works in the General Council's Office at the State Bank of Pakistan as Joint Director. At the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board for Pakistan, where Zahara is currently an Honorary Secretary, she is responsible for monitoring and evaluation frameworks and managing other Board-related matters.

Within Guiding, Zahara is District Commissioner for the Pakistan Girl Guides Association. She is also the recipient of an Asia Pacific Region scholarship for young leaders, and has been a member of Friends of Asia Pacific Region – WAGGGS since 2004.

Grace-Anne CrichlowGrace-Anne Crichlow (Barbados)

Western Hemisphere Region Committee Chair, 2013-present

World Board member, 2013-present






Rose Kioko 2Rose Kioko (Kenya)

Africa Region Committee Chair, 2013-present

World Board member, 2013-present

Rose joined guiding as a brownie and has remained involved with Kenya Girl Guides ever since. She has held various positions within the Kenya Girl Guides and has been a part of the National Board and was anInternational Commisioner. She was Vice Chair of the Africa Region Committee for the triennium 2010-2013 and is very keen on leadership development.  She works for the EU Somalia Programme, dealing with development grants, supporting livelihoods, employment generation and the delivery of sustainable services. 

Corrina HauriCorinna Hauri (Switzerland)

Europe Region Committee Chair, 2013-present

World Board member, 2013-present

Corinna is a member of the Swiss Guide and Scout Movement, where she has held various roles including International Commissioner, member of the National Board, as well as leading the development of a strategy for growth. She was a member of the Europe Region Committee in the past triennium which she is now Chairing.

Outside of Girl Guiding she is a lawyer and a journalist.


Teruko Wada (Japan)

World Board member, 2011-present

Teruko is a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Japan, where she has held various positions including: President, Board Member, Chairman of the Committee on Corporate Reform, Chairman of the Budget Committee and Chairman of the Human Resource Committee.

Outside of Girl Guiding she is a Manager in the Business Infrastructure Bureau, Japan Business Federation, and an Attorney in New York, USA.

WAGGGS is a global organization in which various stakeholders including the members worldwide have diverse interests. In order for WAGGGS to efficiently pursue its Missions and Goals, it has to have a healthy and effective governance system that reflects stakeholders' views and effective ways of reciprocal communication through which the Mission and Goals are shared among its Member Organizations and member individuals.

Teruko Wada

Jill Zelmanovits (Canada)

World Board member, 2011-present

Jill is a member of the Girl Guides of Canada and a lawyer practicing at a government-funded Community Legal Clinic. She has also volunteered at Pax Lodge and Sangam, and has worked as Development Executive/Field Trainer for the WAGGGS Europe Region.

I am passionately committed to the Mission of WAGGGS and believe that WAGGGS needs a responsive governing body to value, support and inspire its Member Organizations. This is an exciting time for WAGGGS to change the world for girls and young women.

Jill Zelmanovits

Elaine Paterson (Canada)

Chair of the Fund Development Committee and ex officio member, World Board (2010-present)

Elaine Paterson is the Chair of the WAGGGS Fund Development Committee, an Olave Baden-Powell Society Member and Honorary Associate of WAGGGS. She is a former Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides of Canada, where she is a life member and recipient of the Gold Maple Leaf Award. As former Vice-President of OB-PS she was instrumental in the creation of the current WAGGGS Fund Development department.

Amongst her other charitable activities, Elaine is currently Chair of the North York General Hospital Foundation Board of Governors and a member of the Hospital Board.

Mary Mc PhailMary McPhail

Chief Executive of WAGGGS and ex officio member, World Board

Mary Mc Phail was appointed Chief Executive in March 2007.  Previously, Mary spent ten years working in Brussels focusing her energies on policy development and advocacy in the field of public health and women’s rights in the European Union.

Mary worked for over twenty years in the field of health and social care first in Ireland and then in the UK. Specialising in developing services for people with drug, alcohol and mental health problems, Mary combined operational management with policy and advocacy work in both the non governmental sector and in the UK’s National Health Service. 

Mary is committed to working to empower girls and young women and has a life long commitment to promoting human rights, justice and equality for girls and women globally. Mary is also an experienced fundraiser and public speaker

Mary has a Bachelors in Social Sciences from University College Dublin, a Bachelors in Humanities from North London University and a Masters Degree in Health Service Management from City University, London.

Niumaath Shafeeg (Maldives)

World Board Substitute member, 2011-present

Niumaath has been a Trainer and Deputy Chief Commissioners for the Maldives Girl Guide Association (MGGA). In a professional capacity she is an Education Development Officer Coordinator for the Ministry of Education in the Maldives.



Florence Chidiogo Enemuo (Nigeria)

World Board Substitute member, 2011-present

Florence is National Youth Commissioner with the Nigerian Girl Guides Association and has also been a Youth Forum Adviser. Florence is also in her Association’s National Training Team. Outside of Girl Guiding she is a school tutor.

Guiding to me has become a way of life which has transformed everything about my world, I wish that young people will see catch the vision.

Florence Enemuo