World YWCA

A global network of women leading social and economic change

082015_UK_worldywcaThe World Young Women's Christian Association (World YWCA) is a global network of women leading social and economic change in over 120 countries worldwide. The World YWCA advocates for peace, justice, human rights and care for the environment and has been at the forefront of raising the status of women for more than a century. The World YWCA develops women’s leadership to find local solutions to the global inequalities women face.

WAGGGS’ work with the World YWCA centres around collaboration at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) including the joint hosting of a ‘Young Women’s Caucus’ – a space where all girls and young women at the conference can come together, discuss their concerns, share their priorities and draft an oral statement, which represents their views on the priority theme of that year, to be read to Member States in the second week of the event.


WAGGGS also partners with the World YWCA to host parallel events during the first CSW week on shared priorities and issues that young women in both delegations have expressed as areas of concern in their lives, such as the prevalence of violence against girls and young women around the world. The World YWCA brings a diverse range of young women to the conference, just as WAGGGS does, and both organisations ensure the voices of millions of girls and young women are heard in the international space.

Most recently the World YWCA joined WAGGGS’ call for young women to be included in the official government delegations attending CSW and the organisation has expressed its’ commitment to WAGGGS’ and UN Women’s Voices against Violence curriculum.

To find out more about some of our more recent work together, please to visit the World YWCA website.

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