Girl Guides of Canada

WAGGGS and Girl Guides of Canada join together to support young women on their Guiding journey

CanadaSince 2011 WAGGGS and the Girl Guides of Canada have been working closely to achieve our joint aims of ensuring that all girls are valued as agents of change in the world. We have worked to facilitate inter-cultural exchanges supported by donations from GGC and have been able to invest in some fantastic projects. By providing funds for grants and scholarships to young Leaders, they have enabled many young women to attend events, volunteer at World Centres and experience training events in various locations and countries. This additional support has been invaluable to WAGGGS.

Girl Guides of Canada in 2015

Volunteer Programme Support at Pax Lodge, London

The World Friendship Fund sponsored six volunteers for travel grants to the Pax Lodge World Centre as well as providing for subsistence and accommodation costs of volunteers during their stay. At Pax Lodge, volunteers are given the opportunity to experience a range of roles and gain valuable skills in areas which interest them, while also enjoying the surroundings of the World Centre and experiencing life in London. 

072015_Pax_Summer volunteers

Juliette Low Seminar 

At a JLS seminar, young women learn and experience leadership development in an international and intercultural setting thus preparing them for leadership roles at national, regional and international levels. It is a forum for young women to explore, discuss, challenge and arrive at their own perspective of where and how they want to take forward their own leadership journey.

The JLS in 2015, held in Sangam, India, was attended by 48 young women from 44 countries. This was a highly energized group bringing with them a variety of experiences. All regions were represented and the group gelled very well, ensuring that there was real learning and a true collaboration. 

JLS 2015

Twinning 2020 Project

The Western Hemisphere Region’s Twinning 2020 project was held in partnership with Girl Guides of Canada. Provinces in Canada were partnered with Member Organisations in the Western Hemisphere Region to collaboratively plan and deliver programme experiences to celebrate International Day of the Girl and World Thinking Day. Twinning 2020 is a two year initiative that also focuses on building globally competent leaders in the provinces and countries taking part, and experimenting with innovative approaches to programme experiences. In July, we worked with the WH team to run the Cultural Connections workshop at Our Cabana, which used an experiential learning approach to build inter-generational and cross-cultural teams to deliver the next phase of the project. The highlight of the event was definitely the girl leads having just 24 hours to design and deliver a programme for 70 young people from Mexico using the World Thinking Day 2016 resource, supported by the adult leads. The “Connect Carnival” was a great success and the Twinning 2020 teams returned home stronger and with some inspiring plans in place for International Day of the Girl 2015 and World Thinking Day 2016.

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