UPS Partnership 2017 - 2019

Diversity and inclusion

For almost 15 years WAGGGS and UPS have been working closely to help girls and young women become leaders in their communities, and to become responsible citizens of the world. Over the next two and a half years we will be working with nine Member Organisations around the world to increase and diversify Guiding and Girl Scouting membership and leadership in order to create a more inclusive Guiding experience. 

UPS 2017 - 2019 country map

“The UPS Foundation is thrilled to be embarking on a new initiative with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This next phase of our partnership will help establish a framework for diversity and inclusion that will improve awareness of inclusive organizational practices, and create opportunities for girls and women from all backgrounds to participate in the Guiding experience.”

Eduardo Martinez, President The UPS Foundation and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer UPS

Programme Objectives

  1. Integrate a more diverse, less traditional profile of volunteers in select MOs
  2. Establish an inclusive and accessible volunteer experience and offering in select MOs
  3. Improve recruitment and retention of volunteers and members in select MOs
  4. Improve awareness of diverse and inclusive organizational practices within select MOs
  5. Improve leadership capacity among young women in the MOs in the Arab Region
  6. Mobilize young women to effect social change in their communities in the MOs in the Arab Region
  7. Communicate best practices globally to MOs and other volunteer-based NGOs. 

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