UPS Partnership 2015 - 2016

Leadership growth and development

In 2015 – 2016, The UPS Foundation and WAGGGS will continue their partnership with the primary aims of developing leadership and increasing volunteerism. 


  1. Increase the participation of 400 women in all levels of society through leadership development
  1. Expand the leadership capacity of 5 Member Organisations in Latin America, Africa and the Arab World

We have undertaken baseline studies in the five participating countries (Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE), and armed with this data, are now ready and able to effectively target our training and development initiatives. This select group of guiding associations has committed to National strategies that meet their own individual needs; have clear aims and goals; and directly contribute to reaching the overarching global objectives.

All five participating member organizations have committed to one National Leadership Development Programme (NLDP) event; active engagement in I-lead online modules; and a strategic and purposeful partnership with local UPS staff.

NLDP 2015 Pax Lodge

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