UPS Partnership 2010 - 2014

Assist, support, enable and strengthen!

Goals of the Partnership 

  • Assist in developing a Global Environmental Sustainability Advocacy Programme
  • Support the implementation of global forums developing and supporting young advocates to make a difference in their local and international communities
  • Enable WAGGGS to reach more young women with its global Leadership Program
  • Strengthen existing partnership projects in Brazil and South Africa
  • Support the Community Volunteering Programme in India


“I believe that we have made an impact and I was impressed that we could connect to all these influential people on an equal basis and they listened to us. Our voice was appreciated and recognised. It really does matter that we speak out for our members”

Mia – Denmark, delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (2011)


Developed platforms for girls and young women to learn, engage and have a voice on environmental issues that affect their communities, country and the world. Over 150 took part in global events including at the UN and COP (Conference of the Parties), 70,000 have downloaded online resources, nearly 200,000 have participated in online advocacy. 45 participant community projects in 40 countries.

    • Convened over 700 young women to address the Millennium Development Goals through Young Women’s World Forums focused on gender equality, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability. 210 participant community projects have reached over 4,000 youth in 31 countries. 73 participants have also joined the WAGGGS Global Advocacy Network and continue advocating for girls and young women.
    • Globalized WAGGGS’ signature leadership programme developed coaching and mentoring components & built an online version of i-Lead reached at least 40,000 young women in 2014.



Brazil: Leadership Development

Strengthened efforts to attract and retain young leaders, focusing on peer education, community action and participation in youth forums. Reached over 40,000 beneficiaries through training sessions, peer education and community projects.

South Africa: Leadership Development

Equipped the national organization to empower historically disadvantaged South Africans and younger women to take on strategic leadership positions. Reached over 13,000 through leadership and volunteer training, peer education and advocacy training.

India: Community Volunteering

Strengthened the volunteer and community engagement program, providing support to 4,500 local community members and establishing a diverse volunteer network to provide long-term community support.



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