UPS Partnership 2003 - 2009

Increase, expand, create and engage!

WAGGG's long-running partnership stretches back to 2003. During the first phase of our joint project we focused on the 4 key goals listed below. The results of this partnership were very encouraging and both parties were delighted with the final outcomes, which both boosted membership numbers and leadership capacity and brought Guiding and Scouting to even more girls and young women.


Goals of the Partnership

  • Increase awareness and engagement of adult volunteers in Guiding and Scouting
  • Expand capacity to recruit, train and manage volunteers
  • Create successful and sustainable models to replicate throughout the network so more girls have access to opportunities through Guiding and Scouting
  • Engage UPS non-monetary resources


  • 35,000+ additional girls and women volunteering
  • Increased professionalism, sustainability and visibility of Guiding and Scouting
  • Strengthened partnerships in each of the focus communities (South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia)
  • Volunteer training in and exchange programmes between Hong Kong and China
  • Introduction of Guiding and Scouting to new communities in Mexico and Brazil and through universities in Malaysia
  • UPS participation in service projects on the ground
  • Membership growth and reaching more diverse populations

  1. Mexico:  Grew membership from 1,410 in 2004 to 7,000 by end of 2009
  2. Brazil: Engaged 5,000 new members
  3. Malaysia: Recruited 5000+ new adult members since 2004
  4. South Africa: Increased new members by 500+


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