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Forum 2017: Leading For her world will create a new space during the conference to learn from other delegations, profile your organisation’s innovative ideas, and connect to work on shared challenges.

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During the conference, Forum 2017 will create a variety of spaces for connecting and exploring the theme, Leading For her world, through three learning pathways; Leading Transformation, Adapting the Experience, and Sharing Your Story. 

Get ready for Forum 2017: Leading For Her World

Looking forward to the networking and learning opportunities of the World Conference? There are three steps you can take now to prepare, and help create an exciting collaborative space at Forum 2017. Please see below. 

Download the below information about Forum 2017: Leading For Her World in Arabic

Market of ideas1. Get ready for the Market of Ideas

The Market of Ideas is a fun and relaxed networking space, which will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 19 September in the Peacock Ballroom. Every delegation will be allocated table space at the Market to showcase their most innovative programmes, projects, research, and ideas. During the market, split your time between telling others about your work, and moving around the hall to visit other delegation spaces. To prepare for the market of ideas: 

  • Consider how what you share responds to the theme, Leading For Her World.
  • Bring photos, copies of programmes and resources, fun facts, statistics etc, to display.
  • Bring business cards or contact sheets to help follow up useful connections
  • Make it inviting and interactive! You will be sharing a large round table with another delegation, so bring signs and other materials to make your area stand out
  • Want to share videos about your Association or showcasing projects and activities? Email them to for sharing on the main screen
  • You will not have wall space. Anything you bring should be freestanding or be displayed on the table.
  • There will not be power at every table. If possible, bring any devices charged to last the market. Limited power sockets will be available on a first come, first served basis on the day.

2. Choose your workshops

On Wednesday 20th September, every conference participant will have the chance to take part in four MO-led workshop sessions, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. We are running eight different sessions in parallel each time! Each session will explore different ideas related to the theme under three pathways: leading transformation, adapting the experience, and sharing your story. Sessions will be led by different Member Organisations and will be translated into different languages.

Please only register for sessions offered in a language you can work in.

Please make sure each member of your delegation receives this link! As there are so many great sessions being offered, consider splitting your delegation between the sessions available in their languages.

Forum 2017 India session map

3. Prepare to share at the Hub

The Hub is a special part of Forum 2017 that will be open for networking throughout the conference. Visit the hub to explore WAGGGS Global Programmes, learn more about Leading For Her World, and take part in some new networking opportunities. There are three key ways to be part of the hub:

Promote international opportunities – bring details of any international opportunities in the coming years you would like to share with other Associations to add to our world map, and learn how you can be part of making some exciting WAGGGS international experiences happen in the next triennium!

Share programmes and resources – do you have any toolkits, programmes or other resources that your Association may consider sharing with other Associations? Talk to a member of the hub team to learn more about our plans for a global resource library

Volunteer for WAGGGS – want to encourage your members to volunteer for WAGGGS? Get more information about how to promote these opportunities, and sign up! 

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