Bulletin 3: Governance and Voting Information, Part I

Bulletin 3: Governance and Voting Information, Part I

Proposed Motions for changes to the Constitution and Bye-Laws

  • This includes Proposed Motions from the World Board and Member Organisations (MOs).
  • All MOs may review these Proposed Motions and then submit any Proposed Amendments to the Procedural Team at proceduralteam@wagggs.org
  • Other Proposed Motions, that do not affect the Constitution and Bye-Laws, will be circulated later this summer.

World Board Election Booklet

  • There are nine candidates standing from across four regions. 
  • You will have an opportunity to hear each of the candidates speak at the World Conference and also get to meet them during a ‘speed dating’ session.

Triennial Report 2015 – 17

  • Please enjoy reviewing the work of this triennium, which includes our financial figures for the period.

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