Day 4 - Our Cabaña

To day we visited VAMOS. This organization collaborates with children between three and 15 years old, elderly people and mothers. VAMOS aims to alleviate the poverty of the population in Morelos, the state where Our Cabaña is located.

We split into groups to visit some of the communities that are supported by VAMOS and ran some of their regular activities: educational projects and health and eating habits. VAMOS provides educational activities for all ages, food and medical care.

We also had the opportunity to interact with elderly people in a morning of crafts, exercise and a healthy eating course. Some made crafts with them and we were able to share knowledge and life experience. Others helped in the preparation of their food and were involved in serving meals.

"To me, it was a wonderful experience. By being able to speak in Spanish I could directly share the stories of people with whom we live. I could find a common factor among the participants, which is the need to share between them to ease the loneliness felt at his age. Their children have made their homes and it is a personal accomplishment being able to live the reality of other people and feel one of the situations related to the Millennium Development Goals being analyzed in a context different from mine." María José Proaño, Ecuador
"I was very happy, satisfied and emotionally fulfilled. It is a unique opportunity, a reality different from mine and that has made it very shocking to me” Kate, Tsionga, Greece

We also visited two VAMOS projects in downtown Cuernavaca. The first of these related to academic support and the opportunity for formal education for children who cannot attend school. In this setting, we saw how the children's mothers work, doing arts and crafts for sale and and household work. The second one was a workshop established as a resource centre for people in different regions of Morelos who perform their own crafts and sell them in the centre of the city.

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