Day 1 - Our Chalet

YWWF2011ChaletdelegatesThe first raising flag ceremony was done 'Swiss style', and was special since it has marked a starting point for an entire journey that we will go through together. 45 participants coming from more than 40 countries have united their voices to sing the Our Chalet anthem.


The inspiring keynote speaker, Maebh from Ireland, talked about maternal health and how it is connected to the three Millenium Development Goals that we will focus on this week (poverty and hunger, gender equality and environmental sustainability). Her path to the work she does now was through the world of WAGGGS, and a positive impact like hers is in reach of all of us, whether it be in 9,000 days or in minutes!

The opening ceremony was really exceptional and amazing as we made use of high technological devices connecting the four World Centers and thanks to this, we could also involve other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, relatives and families all over the world. All the participants were really impressed and so expressed their joy by saying the promise in their mother tongues.

The self-esteem session, which is quite a big part of the girls and young women empowerment process, made us reflect on the way Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can change the world. If a Girl Guide or Girl Scout changes her way of thinking and her own behavior, this could be a minor thing but ten million girls merging in one voice and carrying out one act can bring about a real change.

The YWWF Planning Team entertained us with an original icebreaker from which we ended up being divided into six patrols: Sunflower, Rose, Pine Tree, Bunch, Koks and Infinity. Then they took us on an imaginary journey with very inspirational stories.

Throughout the day, the participants have learnt about the story of Our Chalet from special guest Charlotte Christ-Weber, the growth of the WAGGGS Movement, and how 100 years of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has had a tremendous effect on the todays’ world.

An account prepared by SUNFLOWER YELLOW TEAM;

  • Delphine, Chad
  • Karene, Lebanon
  • Seung-Min, Korea
  • Prisca, Madagascar
  • Samia, Tunisia

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Anne Rise - 22 March 2011 - 1.08AM (GMT)

Hallo at Our Chalet. It sounds as if you had a great day, both individually and altogether with your new friends. Keep up the spirit on top of the mountains!

Anne Rise
Leadership Development Consultant

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