Day 3 - Our Cabaña

22 March 2011

After reflecting on the past days, the programme’s theme was shifted to capacity building, and empowering young women to work as a team. The morning started with us using all our senses to scan the environment. The purpose of this activity was to understand the impact of our external environment on our journey towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Through this we learnt about building more solid strategies that will ensure sustainability of our projects.

“We felt that we were safe and that each person recognize and respected the space of the other” Maria José Proaño, Ecuador

We then had time to explore what other countries were doing to meet the Millennium Development Goal. Unique to this Forum are the simultaneous activities at all four world centers. In line with this we were given a chance to view the various opening ceremonies and events taking place.

In working in groups, communication is always important. For us to convey our message successfully, we learnt to have clear targets and the right method. We found out that having a common language is important but it is not the only tool of communication. Sometimes using all senses is more effective.

Based on the declaration agreed at the YWWF 2010, we did an exercise on influencing governments, WAGGGS or civil society to step forward. We set our targets, our strategies and our goals.

Tonight we were honored to have a representative from VAMOS – Vermont Associates for Mexican Opportunity and Support - to brief us on the service projects in Mexico. Everyone saw that the lives of children and their families are greatly improved by the aid VAMOS provides. From them we see again how the MDGs are implemented and we are all looking forward to the field experience tomorrow.

“The conference was inspiring and motivacional because the work with children from the street and they cover their Basic needs of education, Elath and food. We looking forward to working with them.” Patrulla Morada.





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