Day 3 - Our Chalet

Tuesday 22 March 2011

The day started bright and sunny against the backdrop of the beautiful mountains. In the flag ceremony, we reflected on the last message from Lord Baden-Powell. His words remind us to leave the world a better place than you found it and live in the way that you will never have regret. And do remember dear girls that this is what we have for the whole life!

We moved into the day by highlighting the important aspects of analysing and developing projects - called environmental scan. It requires us to look at a project from very different perspectives, both internally and externally. We believe that in many cases, looking narrowly on the forthcoming projects has kept us from implementing them in full force; therefore, this is very useful framework for further project planning. Further, we applied our new learning by doing case studies on the situation in Sri Lanka around a decade ago, when women faced the challenge of re-organizing in a highly militarized environment. This was quite a challenging task and it showed us the importance of understanding the full background of the situation in any community where we hope to make change.

Next, we explored how to manage diversity in a team environment. Through an inter-cultural experience, we identified our core barometer for recognizing and managing diverse perspectives. We gained the necessary tools to create an environment of inclusion and leverage the diversity in our organizations.

In line with working in diverse teams, we explored how communication is vital in managing a project. A communication game enabled us to experience interacting with many cultures at the same time in languages that were not our own. The exercise demonstrated the challenge of clearly communicating our thoughts and ideas.

We expanded on this by experimenting with different communications techniques and exploring the role of communication in advocacy. We considered diverse tactics and used our critical thinking skills to highlight what kind of message would be appropriate for various audiences about our declaration. Through this, we gained a better understanding of how to address the right target with the right message.

“In an international organization such as WAGGGS we can see communication being a core skill to achieving common goals, as we would not be able to act and exist for 100 years without successful cooperation.”

Our wonderful Chalet team had prepared tasks to equip us with skills to get our message out to the world. After analysing different campaigns, we were able to spot the common mistakes of addressing the audience; and we were given the chance to spread our own message. We spent our evening preparing messages around the declaration in various mediums to make our voices heard, including a poster, video, song and choreography. Stay tuned and you will be able to see them!

Tomorrow we are going to United Nations in Geneva for a field visit. We hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Millennium Development Goals as we learn from experts in the field and how this understanding can influence our take home plan as we think about applying our learning in our own communities when we return home. This will be amazing and we will definitely share it with you!

Yours in Guiding and Scouting,

Team ‘Koks’ :

Liyana (Malaysia)

Heidi (Finland)

Sara (Qatar)

Ana (Mexico)

Alejandrina (Argentina)

Aisma (Latvia)

Siew Ying (Singapore)

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