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Juliette Low Seminar, 1963 Our Cabaña Since 1932, the Juliette Low Seminars (JLS) have been offering an opportunity for young women to develop international leadership, friendship and understanding.

The Juliette Low Seminars are a unique experience and the new JLS Alumnae Network wants to bring their stories, experiences and knowledge together. If you attended a Juliette Low Seminar, we would like to hear from you!

The 1963 JLS brought me an international family and amazing opportunities to grow as a woman and a friend… One of our participants became a Senator in Australia and served her country with great distinction.  Another participant is a published writer in Japan and had a radio show when she lived in the US…  I know that scouting was an extremely strong influence in me.  While a scout, I met a young girl with disabilities who inspired me because of her tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles.  Years later I became a professional in the field of disability and I know that that first exposure could only have happened in girl guides.

Rocío de Mateo, Mexico, JLS 1963, Our Cabaña

JLS 2009

We want participants to:

  • Share experiences
  • Relive memories
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Form a support network of girls and young women
  • Give the future JLS participants something to belong to after their experience
  • Contribute towards helping another girl or young woman have a JLS experience           

What are the benefits?

  • Be part of a  network of dedicated, well-connected leaders
  • Have a space to build on your experience and seek advice from others
  • Share a place of mutual respect based in common experience
  • Have the opportunity to continue benefiting from those conversations and connections after the event is over

Please find more information about the plan for the Alumni network in the JLS Alumni Concept Note. If you are interested, please fill in the Questionnaire and return it to development@wagggs.org. We are looking forward to receiving your stories and photos!

Juliette Low Seminar, 1977, SangamDid you know:

  • The first JLS was held in 1932
  • There have been participants from all 5 regions of WAGGGS
  • For many of the participants this was the first time they travelled abroad
  • Several JLS Alumni have held offices within their Member Organization, as well as at the regional and world level
  • All four World Centres have hosted JLS
  • JLS Alumni recognize their responsibility as a global citizen
  • In 2001 a book was published about the 1953 JLS called Our Story by the members of the 1953 Juliette Low Session for International Girl Guides and Girl Scouts at Our Chalet, Abdelboden, Switzerland.

JLS 2008

19 years after attending the JLS, I was back in the same World Centre (Our Chalet) chairing the JLS in 2008.

It was very touching; memories from people and events were so alive in my eyes and my mind. That was my inner power generator. It is now that I realize that JLS people can form a powerful and resourceful community that could serve the World Association in many areas…

My world experiences made me today’s International Commissioner, a  position which I hold with pride and complete sense of responsibility not only towards my Association, but to the Europe Region and the world.

Sophy, Greece, JLS 1989 and 2008, Our Chalet

I discovered more about myself as a leader, learned different approaches to leadership and management skills, diversity, advocacy, communication, setting goals, teamwork and much much more. All this knowledge and information has helped me to realize my potential as a change agent.

Mary, Uganda, 2009 JLS, Kenya

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Maya Chedid - Anid - 20 September 2012 - 9.23PM (GMT)

I attended the JLS 31st session in 1983 at Our Chalet. I came from Lebanon by boat to Cyprus and then by plane to Switzerland, and on the way back from Cyprus to Lebanon by boat. Our airport was closed. I spent a wonderful time at the chalet and made a lot of friends. A sthe song says: "Make new friend, but keep the old, one is silver and and the other is gold".
Maya Chedid - Anid Lebanon

Birungi christine - 22 August 2012 - 3.21PM (GMT)

I really like your activities,like how the law of a girl guide says,,the comments you give helps others to concetrate!!!!!

Justine Nkurunziza - 30 July 2011 - 11.18AM (GMT)

I really like the ways JLS alumni communicate on facebook and entertain international friendship. By doing this they keep the candle of guiding burning at international levl !! This international friendship is what we have more than other ! Let's keep it and be proud of it ! WHAT A BID AND NICE FAMILY !!

Pascaline - 14 June 2011 - 8.26AM (GMT)

My word!!!! What to say about JLS? Nothing more than FANTASTIC, MARVELLOUS, INSPIRING...it's simply a life full of nourishing experiences. Since 2008, I've been involved in many activities, today I'm in charge of Public Relations within my MO. After Our Chalet 2008 I'VE BBEN SO PROUUUUUUD to be a guide like I've never been before.

From Rwanda,

Miora ANDRIANARISON - 8 April 2011 - 11.29AM (GMT)

JLS is an opportunity for girls guides and girl scouts to be a good leader. I'm a participant in JLS2008 at Our Chalet, it changed my life, especially to help me not only in my association but my development personal, now I'm a regional commissioner and I'm responsible approximately 45 unites in my region, so JLS gives me knowledge and experiences how to lead and also i'm happy to teach to my young leader and to the members in my association how to lead and how to have a personal development.
Girl guides an girl scout of Madagascar
Youth Committee and Regional Commissioner in the West of Tananarive

Ivy Wasike - 16 March 2011 - 8.51PM (GMT)

JLS changed my life. I attended 2009 JLS-Kenya. It made me realize I am who I am and nothing can change that and that I am the one to start the change I want...and as a result realize my fullest potential! Bravo J.L.S


I attended JLS in 2006 at Sangam,India. that seminar made a whole world of difference in my life! i saw and touched the big family of WAGGGS it was awesome it was a journey of discovery of who iam,my leadership skills were fine tuned and spured into action.i made friends beyond my imagination.we felt like not leaving at the end of the programme.i serve today in my national board and am the national youth commissioner,JLS set the ball rolling,it impacted every area of my life.IAM A BETTER LEADER EVER SINCE I ATTENDED JLS 06 !!!!

ony ANDRIAMASINORO - 3 March 2011 - 4.23PM (GMT)

JLS offer me the oppportunity to discover my real potential!after JLS i've been in charge of differtent kind of activity even in regional but national level too!
without JLS i'm sure that i'm not the person that i am now!
my trip in Kenya was my first trip abroad and i am very proud that it for an WAGGGS event !
now,in unit coordinator,memeber of the national board of youth committee of my MO!
ony JLS 2009

Nik Faizah Mustapha - 26 February 2011 - 3.24PM (GMT)

I attended JLS at Our Chalet in 1960. I am still involved in Girl Guiding in Malaysia. I wonder whether I can re-new contact with any of the 1960 alumni?

Alison Gordon (was Robson) - 18 February 2011 - 9.57PM (GMT)

Only in later years did I really appreciate the difference that the JLS experience had made in my life and the learning I had taken from the the event

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