Day 5

Thursday, 24 February

It has been another exciting day with plenty of events. In the morning I attended several sessions on sexuality education where some speakers gave many interesting ideas about sex education and reproductive health. We were given the chance at the end of the session to work in groups in order to discuss the main important points. At 3pm, the delegation met in front of the UN building to film some individual and group videos as a token of congratulation offered to all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide. Each delegate was given the choice to send a message to the whole world in her mother tongue. I loved the idea and enjoyed the moments when I delivered a message for all the girls across the world in Arabic and in French as well. We also talked about International Women’s day as well as the international Girl Guide and Girl Scout centenary.

Then we were split up again so that every delegate attended a session she assumed to be interesting and useful. At 8pm we met again at the hotel and we had a debriefing session. Each delegate shared the highlights of the day. Rachel spoke about her meeting with one of the NGOs and was excited to carry out a joint project with them. Fiona was happy to have got in touch with her country mission in New York. Mia was happy too to have attended different interesting panels and to have got in touch with the Danish mission in NY. Carine had attended a general discussion as a main UN event that took place inside the UN building. The rest of the delegates expressed their satisfaction after attending various sessions throughout the day.

Samia Fitouri, Tunisia

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Wiseman - 20 October 2011 - 3.18AM (GMT)

I can already tell that's gonna be super helpful.

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