COP18From 22nd November - 9th December 2012,  the WAGGGS delegation attended the UN's COP18 climate change conference in Doha, Qatar.

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WAGGGS action Let me see you...!

WAGGGS delegates prepared a song with actions to raise awareness of how young people are making a positive impact to tackle climate change at grassroots level. 

WAGGGS delegates performed it at COP during YoFuGe (Young and Future Generations) Day on Thursday 27th November.  Many Youth participants at COP events design and perform actions to express their views on what should be highlighted during the conference negotiations.

The COP 18 WAGGGS action was based around the camp fire song ‘let me see your funky chicken’, if you don’t know it don’t worry we are going to teach you...feel free to make up your own verses to perform this at home.

Speaking with the voice of 10 million girls and young women.

In 2012 the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change took place in Doha, Qatar. 

Qatar is a very expensive country to travel to and to visit, which meant that youth delegations from many countries were not be able to attend, due to the costs being too high.   A large proportion of the international youth climate movement, especially youth from the global south were therefore be excluded.  

The youth constituency of COP - Youth NGO’s or YOUNGO, led by the New Zealand Youth Delegation, tried to address this injustice by collecting voices of youth who couldn't attend, to ring these voices and stories to COP 18.  this project was called 'Connected Voices'.  WAGGGS will continue to support this initiative at COP 19.


“Young people from countries which lack the means to send a youth delegation to COP18 are precisely the people who stand to experience the worst effects of climate change.  The functional exclusion of youth from the global south is utterly unacceptable and in the absence of any remedying action from those running the conference.” - New Zealand Youth Delegation

Through this initiative, youth from around the world will collect the opinions of young people from unrepresented countries and bring them to COP.  WAGGGS are in a key position to support this; our key messages which we take to COPs are based on values important to all of our members, and on the results of our previous surveys.  However, as new issues arise during the COP process, we would like to hear from our members in 145 countries to find out everyone’s thoughts so we can respond quickly and ensure that the voices of girls and young women all around the world are heard.

Send us your Story!

As well as speaking on your behalf, we also want to tell everyone at COP all about you! 

One of the things we would like to take with us is case studies from Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world sharing how they have been impacted by climate change in their countries and what they have done through Guiding and Scouting to create change in this area. We will then use these at COP as evidence of how girls and young women around the world are being impacted as well as what they are doing about it through Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

If you would like to contribute your story to our collection of case studies to be shared at COP, please answer the questions below and send them to WAGGGS.

What we need you to send us:
Which climate impact you have experienced?
How were you affected by it? 
What have you done through Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting to make change on this issue?

We can't wait to hear from you!

Find out more about the conference at the official COP18 website. You can also browse our website sections from COP17 (2011) and COP16 (2010).