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Wherever you are, you can stay up to date with all the latest news from the Conference. We will be updating this section regularly, and at the conference daily updates written by young women bloggers and important announcements will be posted. We will also be posting updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages, plus photos on our Flickr site. If you are tweeting about the Conference on Twitter, please use the special Conference hashtag #35WC.  These networks work best if we all interact, so be sure to keep it lively by posting your thoughts, anecdotes and news.  As we draw closer to the conference and during the conference itself you will be able to use this social media along with other interactive platforms such as blogs, forums and discussion groups for you to communicate with other delegates who have similar interests.

Over the next few months, you will be able to find out what topics will be covered at the conference, and how delegates are preparing for Hong Kong - all here on the WAGGGS website.

Latest news...

Don’t miss out on Early Bird registration

The excitement about World Conference is definitely building, with in boxes full of grant applications, expressions of interest and registration forms. We want to thank all those who have already registered and for doing so before the deadline. For those Member Organisations who have not yet registered, 28 February is getting very close! Please be reminded that any registrations that are not received by this date will have to pay an additional 15 per cent on top of the registration fee. Don’t delay, register today and prepare to meet up with fellow members of our Global movement and have your voice counted.

Grant Application deadline has now passed.

We would like to thank those who have submitted their grant application forms, we have had an overwhelming response.

We are aware that some Member countries had extensive Christmas breaks, so we have taken into account any forms which arrived up until 10th January 2014, any forms received after that date have been added to a waiting list.

We are in the process of collating and assessing each grant and will be in touch with applicants directly once a decision has been made.

Nominations Pack now available 

Member Organizations are invited to submit nominations for the World Board election which will take place at the 35th World Conference in July 2014 in Hong Kong.  As part of the major governance review launched in Edinburgh in 2011 the Board decided that the decision making bodies of the organization needed to become more strategic.  The role description of World Board members was therefore reviewed to ensure that the organization has the high-performing strategic board it needs to bring about the change we have imagined. See conference documents to find the pack. 

Governance Review: WAGGGS Draft Constituation

As part of the programme to update WAGGGS’ governance the Board agreed in 2013 to proceed to incorporating WAGGGS as a Charitable Incorporated Organization, with a new constitution. As announced at the Regional Conferences earlier this year, although the time frame is very tight, it is critical that Member Organizations have the opportunity to review the proposed changes before the final draft constitution is submitted to the UK regulators for approval, before being put to the vote at the 35th World Conference in July 2014. You will find the documents by clicking on this link and we would encourage you to share your questions or feedback on our website forum or email address. The consultation will continue until 10 January 2014.

Please see our online forum to post feedback and discuss the review.

You can find the documents in the Conference Documents section. 

REMINDER: Call for Bids

Please be reminded that we are accepting bids to host the 36th World Conference in 2017.

If you are interested in hosting the next World Conference, please complete the bid form here.

All bids are to be submitted to Catherine Roberts at the Bureau :

Newsflash: Motion deadline postponed until January 2014

At the World Conference in 2011, it was agreed that WAGGGS “will develop and ensure good governance at world and regional level, to set a good example for the rest of the organisation.”

Consequently, in preparing for the 2014 World Conference, the World Board and the World Conference Procedural team have reviewed the current Rules of Procedure and agreed a series of changes intended to modernise and simplify our ways of working. For example we will be introducing a simpler voting system for the World Board election and social media will be actively encouraged as a way of communicating the business of conference to our wider membership.  As a consequence we will no longer operate 'closed sessions'. 

In addition, we have reviewed the timetable for the submission of motions. It is essential that all motions and their associated implications are fully understood by the MO's being asked to vote on them. This means that we need to circulate the motions early, provide sufficient time for them to be discussed and reviewed within the decision making structures of the MO's and create the opportunity for any necessary clarification to be provided. This will ensure fully worked up and considered motions are presented to conference and will allow for full and informed debate on the key issues. This process already applies to all those motions that require a two thirds majority vote, which is all motions relating to general policy and finance. For the World Conference in 2014 this principle will be applied to all motions. Consequently, new motions will need to be submitted by 31st January 2013. Amendments to motions can be made during the conference in line with the conference timetable, but no new motions can be submitted at the World Conference.

Should you require any assistance please contact Catherine Roberts at the Bureau:


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Honorary associates welcome to Hong Kong

Honorary Associates are invited to join us at the 35th World Conference in July 2014, in Hong Kong.  Your attendance will be at your own expense and we encourage you to take note of the early bird discount applied, should registration forms be received by 28th February 2014.  To begin your booking process, please click on the registration tab on this page.