35 World Conference

 35 World Conference

We’re excited to announce that the 35th World Conference is taking place in Hong Kong from 5 to 9 July 2014 and will be hosted by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association. 

We are expecting in excess of 600 delegates from 145 Member Organizations around the world to come together and make key decisions about the future of the Movement, to share, learn and inspire each other as we embark on the next triennium. There will be input from keynote speakers, training and best practice, plus an array of educational opportunities, not to mention an opportunity to experience a little bit of our host nation culture. 

Congratulations to all the Nominees for the next World Board. Here are the names of the candidates you’ll be meeting at the 35th World Conference.

  • Alba Aguilar – El Salvador /السلفادور
  • Ana Maria Mideros – Peru/ Pérou/ Perú/ بيرو
  • Anne Guyaz – Switzerland/ Suisse/ Suiza/  سويسرا
  • Connie Matsui – United States of America/ Etats-Unis d'Amérique/ Estados Unidos de América/ الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية
  • Emilie Bassil El Feghaly – Lebanon/ Liban/ Líbano/ لبنان
  • Haifa Ourir – Tunisia/ Tunisie/ el Túnez/ تونس
  • Heidi Jokinen – Finland/ Finlande/ la Finlandia/ فنلندا
  • Lara Tonna – Malta/ la Malte/ la Malta/ مالطا
  • Maria José Proaño – Ecuador/ Équateur/ el Ecuador/ الإكوادور
  • Nadine Kaze- Burundi/ بوروندي
  • Natasha Hendrick – Australia/ Australie/ La Australia/ أستراليا
  • Rania Radwan – Egypt/ Egypte/ el Egipto/ مصر
  • Rita María Solís Arce – Costa Rica/ le Costa Rica/ La Costa Rica/ كوستاريكا
  • Tejiri Okeregbe – Nigeria/ le Nigeria/ La Nigeria/ نيجيريا


Latest news

Quota Review

The Board has carried out an initial review and concluded that further work needs to be done to develop a method that would truly meet the expectations and needs of MOs. They believe that what is required to make a meaningful difference is a substantial reduction in WAGGGS’ real-term dependency on income from Quota/Membership Fee. That will only be possible when the Fund Development Strategy is fully embedded.

For 2015-17 the Board is recommending an overall reduction in the amount to be collected, although some MOs would still experience an increase as a result of membership growth and/or moving into a higher wealth band. They have also identified a potential variation to the current method of calculating contributions that would raise the same amount of income in 2015-17 but might be considered preferable by MOs. Most importantly, the Board is proposing that no MO would have their contribution for 2018-2020 increased because they have increased their membership. They have also included a new Quota Support Fund in the proposed budget for 2015-17, to help MOs that are struggling to meet their Quota obligations.

Read more about Quota by downloading Conference document 11 here.

Conference Fee Structure

Following a decision at the last Conference, MOs that are currently in Quota bands A to E have received a discount on their delegates’ and observers’ registration fees for the World Conference. Those who will be under 30 on the first day of the Conference also receive a further 33% discount. The intention of this was to encourage greater attendance and participation by younger people and those from MOs on lower quota price bands. It is too early yet to say whether the desired effect has been achieved, but this will be reviewed at the Conference and a decision will be taken on whether to apply the approach to future Conferences. To find out more about this matter download Conference Document 10 here.

Please also note that the Membership Development Strategy has been edited recently. To make sure you have the correct documents, please do visit the Membership development strategy document.

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 WAGGGS’ Global Membership development strategy

WAGGGS is currently reaching less than one per cent of the 900 million girls under 15 years old living in the world. Vision 2020 commits WAGGGS to finding ways to ensure that all girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world. This means we need to reach more girls and young women. One avenue to do this is through membership growth.

The need for a Membership Development Strategy, to focus on driving both growth and quality of membership, was first identified by the World Board in 2010. The Membership Development Strategy Working Group (MDSWG) was formed in 2011 to create this long-term plan for the organization.

After many meetings and discussions between the Working Group volunteers, the World Board and WAGGGS staff; reviews and analysis of policies, research and data; and consultations at the 2013 Regional Conferences, the Global Membership Development Strategy is the result of this work to set out WAGGGS’ plan to grow to 12 million members, 158 MOs and increase the quality of our membership service to our Members by 2020.

Download Conference Document 6: Membership Development Strategy


Global Strategic Plan

During the 2012 – 2014 triennium, we started the journey towards achieving our new Vision of a world where “all girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world,” and continued with our Mission to “ensure that all girls and young women can reach their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.”

The 2015 - 2017 Global Strategic Plan is our roadmap for how we continue the journey to Vision 2020 together.  During the next triennium, we have a real opportunity to make significant progress on our aspirations togrow the Movement so that more girls in more places have a quality Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting experience.  And we must look carefully at how we organize, govern and resource the Movement so that we are inclusive, democratic and strong. 

So please do carefully review Conference Document 5 and come to Hong Kong ready to engage in conversations around the future of our Movement and ultimately to decide on the strategic plan for 2015 – 2017.

Download Conference Document 5Global Strategic Plan


Place your Special Interest Group requests

We need your help to shape elements of the first day of the World Conference.  We have programmed in a significant space for Special Interest Groups, which are gatherings of those delegates with common interests. In the past we have held meetings of Honorary Associates and French speaking associations- would you like to help us shape the event by suggesting a Group? We are asking for suggestions for any interest group sessions you would be interested in attending or hosting to be sent in to: wcregistration@wagggs.org by 28 March 2014.


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Honorary Associates welcome to Hong Kong 

Honorary Associates are invited to join us at the 35th World Conference in July 2014, in Hong Kong.  Your attendance will be at your own expense and we encourage you to take note of the early bird discount applied, should registration forms be received by 28th February 2014.  To begin your booking process, please click on the registration tab on this page.