WAGGGS Europe Region - gender and diversity

Gender and diversity ensures we are for every girl.

To fulfill our mission to enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world, we must ensure that we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for all girls. We need to celebrate the diversity of the members within our Region and offer programme and opportunities that reflect their needs.  

WAGGGS Europe Region has developed a Gender and Diversity mainstreaming toolkit to help focus on asking the right questions to make this a reality.

What is mainstreaming?

Mainstreaming means considering gender and diversity in everything that you do. It is a process through which you can work towards becoming fully inclusive, ensuring that all stakeholders are involved in a safe, open and diverse environment which best meets the needs and reality of your organisation. 

Download the new Gender and Diversity mainstreaming toolkit

The WAGGGS EUROPE REGION Gender and Diversity mainstreaming toolkit has been developed to reflect the strategic priorities of the Region.  

The toolkit was developed with the support of regional volunteers alongside Member Organisations. Eleven unique pilot projects were launched across the region. Each team using the toolkit has provided feedback throughout the process, resulting in the toolkit we have today. 

Ireland - Iggnite 2017

Thank you!

We want to say a very big thank you to the Member Organisations who took part in these pilot projects; The Netherlands, Belgium (SGP), Belgium (GSB), Denmark, Finland, France – EEUDF, Georgia, Ireland (CGI), Italy (CNGEI), Malta and Romania.

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