U-Reporters around the world have already achieved some amazing things!

U-Reporters in Liberia expose child exploitation by teachers and join forces with the Government to better protect young people!

In September 2015 U-Report ran a poll on a taboo topic no one wanted to talk about.

U-Reporters were asked if they believed that teachers in schools in their communities were exploiting children by awarding good grades to pupils in return for sex.

They were also given information on how to report this crime and the phone number for the Ministry of Gender helpline for support services like counselling.

Image credit: U-Report website, October 2016

U-Reporters provided astounding feedback: in less than 24 hours, 13,000 people had responded, the vast majority (86%) said they believed this was in fact a problem in their schools.


The Liberian U-Report Country Representative for UNICEF took the data to the Minister of Education. Both organisations now work together to make sure children are protected in schools. Since then, the Ministry of Education has attended U-Report Steering Committee meetings, led by Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), to continue work together to address the issue and prevent crimes against children!

Visit the U-Report website to learn more about this and other success stories.

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