Indoor Accommodation

There are five different types of accommodation available to groups and individual guests who wish to stay at Our Chalet

Our Chalet offers a wide range of accommodation suitable for hosting International events and Seminars, welcoming groups, families and individual guests. We are confident that we can provide you with an accommodation to suit your needs and wishes.

From all the buildings you will have spectacular views of the high mountains, traditional chalets scattered over the pastures and the famous Adelboden village. 

Our Chalet World Centre consists of several buildings on site and a campsite.

Main Chalet

  • Largest and the oldest building on site 
  • Built in 1932
  • Up to 48 beds - from singles to a dormitory of 16 beds
  • Communal bathrooms
  • Bed linen and towels provided
  • Traditional Alpine Swiss style chalet
  • Long history, protected cultural heritage building by Canton of Bern
  • Wi-fi available for a small charge
  • 092011_Switzerland_Main Chalet large.jpg
  • Switzerland_Dining Hall
  • Switzerland_Main Chalet winter

Spycher Chalet

  • Newest and second largest building on site 
  • Built in 1999 
  • Sleeps up to 26 people
  • Single and double rooms as well as four bed rooms (with bunk beds) and a dormitory of 9 beds - attic area
  • Communal bathrooms
  • Bed linen and towels provided
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Wi-fi available for a small charge
  • Switzerland_Spycher spring
  • 012007_Switzerland_Conference Room.JPG
  • Switzerland_Spycher winter

Squirrel House

  • One of the smaller houses on site
  • Sleeps up to 16 people in total (6 beds downstairs in bunk beds and 10 on mattresses upstairs). Minimum charges apply, for more information please contact 
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathrooms with two toilets (no showers)
  • Bed linen and towels provided
  • Showers available in Main Chalet
  • No wi-fi in Squirrel House, access available for a small fee in Main Chalet & Spycher common areas
  • Switzerland_Squirrel House outside
  • Switzerland_Squirrel House kitchen
  • Switzerland_Squirrel House upstairs

Camp House

  • Small house located a few minutes walk away from main buildings 
  • Fully equipped kitchen for guest who are camping 
  • Shelter for camping group activities
  • Mattresses available in the attic in case of extreme bad weather for campers
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • No wi-fi in Camp House, access available for a small fee in Main Chalet & Spycher common areas.

  • 2016_Switzerland_Camp House
  • Switzerland_Camp House inside
  • Switzerland_Camping

Baby Chalet

  • Exclusive private chalet that was built in 1932
  • Built at the request of Helen Storrow, the founder of the centre, so that she could stay close to Our Chalet but in a private, quiet place with a breathtaking view, whenever she would visit 
  • Situated only a few minutes’ walk from the main buildings
  • Comfortably sleeps 3 guests in single beds, it has private bathrooms and a kitchenette. 
  • Alpine paradise 
  • Great choice for all who wish a romantic retreat, peace for the soul or inspiration for a new novel perhaps
  • No wi-fi in Baby Chalet, access available for a small fee in Main Chalet & Spycher common areas

  • 2016_Switzerland_Baby Chalet
  • 012007_Switzerland_Baby Chalet.JPG
  • 102015_Switzerland_view of Baby Chalet.JPG

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