Our Cabaña is one of the five World Centres. Managed and operated by Guías de Mexico, it is located in the "City of Eternal Spring", Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Since opening in 1957 we have been welcoming guests from all around the world and offering a range of activities and programmes for all our visitors and participants to engage with and enjoy!

  • WTD at Our Cabana
  • JLS Our Cabana 2012
  • Our Cabana World Centre festival Girl with dragon 09 2015


  1. Participating in activities related to the WAGGGS leadership offer, advocacy, and other topics relevant to the event that help create more opportunities for girls.
  2. Learning about WAGGGS, its Member Organisations, Themes, Projects, Regions and World Centres; creating a greater global influence.
  3. Sharing the international friendship that Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting offers creating committed members and a stronger, more vibrant movement.
  4. Experiencing the unique culture of Our Cabaña and México through its traditions, history and people.

Our Cabaña icon

Our Cabaña icon

The Our Cabaña icon is a yellow lizard inside an orange circle

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