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This amazing song was written by 17 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who have had a Kusafiri experience. It is sung and produced by our good friend Bodo Razafindrazaka and we thank her for her amazing creativity and enthusiasm for this project.

We also thank the 15 dedicated members of the Friends of Kusafiri, WAGGGS who made this recording possible and the amazing team from Madagascar who produced the video. This project was directed by Helinoro Rakotomalala and Jen Barron.

Click HERE to watch the official clip of the song, a clip of the dance moves so you can learn them and a ’sing along’ clip so you can learn to sing this song in French and English.

Click HERE to download the music track of the song with vocals, click HERE to download the instrumental track of the song, HERE for an acoustic version and HERE for the acoustic instrumental version.

Click HERE for the song words and HERE for the music score.

We can’t wait to have you singing and dancing along with us - Karibu Kusafiri!

'Kwantuni' – Kusafiri in Ghana - POSTPONED

  • Kusafiri in Ghana
  • Kusafiri in Ghana
  • Kusafiri in Ghana

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still an ongoing global issue, Kwantuni event - Kusafiri in Ghana is postponed.

We will be in touch once new dates have been proposed. We hope to see you soon!

Kusafiri events are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the place where we locate and to learn about yourself and build your connection with others.

For Enquiries or more questions: kusafiri.wc@wagggs.org

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