Our tone of voice

Our tone of voice is the way we speak and write. We’re lucky: we have exceptionally exciting things to write about. Our tone of voice helps us to express this excitement.

Our brand pages have been developed to help show our Members how they can use and apply our brand. If you are a brand, company or organisation looking to support or partner with WAGGGS, please note that we have specific guidelines for using our brand, name and logo.

Please contact comms@wagggs.org to discuss licensing.

Talking about WAGGGS

We want to grow and reach more girls and young women. To do this, we need to raise awareness of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting nationally, regionally and globally. How we talk about ourselves - the words we use and our tone of voice - are an important part of our brand. By sharing a clear, consistent message we can show the real impact that we make to girls’ lives and what we stand for as a global Movement. 

Our brand story

Our brand story helps to describe our organisation - so that we can clearly explain who we are and what we do. Wherever our members are based, whatever their age and whatever language they speak - the brand story brings together all that we do. 

Our strapline

As part of the new look and feel for the organisation, the strapline, ‘For her world’ has been created. The wording has been developed to better show who we are and what we do at a global level.  

102016 - For her World Screen

Tips for using the strapline: 

  • When used in a headline, it appears in capitals – FOR HER WORLD
  • In all other uses, it appears in sentence case – For her world. (We never it use in title case – For Her World)
  • When used as an image or visual, ensure that FOR HER WORLD appears alongside a logo to make sure that the image is unmistakably linked to the WAGGGS brand. 

Tone of voice

Our tone of voice principles

To make our tone of voice consistent wherever and however we use it – and to ensure it’s always unmistakably us – it’s rooted in our unique cultural values and core behaviours:

  • Member-driven
  • Brave
  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Transparent
  • Professional

We've summarised these ‘ingredients’ into a simple, memorable and actionable statement to keep in mind whenever we speak and write: We use language that is punchy and expresses a clear point of view

Writing in this way helps to ensure that we are consistently showing our Movement to be dynamic, relevant and inspiring! 

Tone of voice guidance

Our tone of voice always sounds like us, but it needs to be flexible to suit our audiences and our channels. Before you start writing, be sure to ask yourself ‘Who are we writing for?’ Whether you're writing for young people, or for politicians and corporate partners, follow these four rules to make sure you're using the WAGGGS tone of voice: 

  1. BE HUMAN-CENTRED AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING - We give examples of the impact our work has, ideally through a direct quote from an individual, but always including ‘the girls’ point of view. To be thought-provoking, we are forthright (for instance about the issues we want to tackle). We inject energy into our writing by using the active voice (‘we help girls …’) rather than the passive (‘girls are provided with…)
  2. BE CONCISE AND CLEAR - To be concise, we make every word work and don’t repeat them unnecessarily. To be clear, we consider exactly what needs to be said. We make sure our messages can be understood easily. 
  3. BE COMPELLING AND JARGON-FREE - We avoid over-use of 'corporate' language - such as 'innovative', 'values-based', 'non-formal learning'. We take care when using acronyms - people outside of our Movement are unlikely to know what FBM, WTD or IDG stand for! 
  4. BE INFORMATIVE AND CULTURALLY SENSITIVE - To be informative, we simply tell people what they need know, once. We use straightforward language. To be culturally sensitive, we invite people to engage with us through a range of channels and speak to them in the appropriate official language.

The WAGGGS Style Guide

If you're producing any print or digital publication about our Organisation, we've developed a comprehensive Style Guide which explains our writing style. Get in touch with our Communications Team to access our Style Guide. 

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