Our patterns and icons

Our pattern library is built from the elements of the Trefoil. Because they are derived from the shapes of the Trefoil, the patterns are unique to WAGGGS.

Our brand pages have been developed to help show our Members how they can use and apply our brand. If you are a brand, company or organisation looking to support or partner with WAGGGS, please note that we have specific guidelines for using our brand, name and logo.

Please contact comms@wagggs.org to discuss licensing.

Using our patterns 

The WAGGGS patterns have been developed to provide a design feature for WAGGGS materials and documents. They are flexible to allow for a range of needs - whether you want to use a bright, bold, expressive pattern or if you want a more simple, subtle design. The patterns and have been developed to be used in conjunction with professional design software. They can be used by the WAGGGS Regional Committees, the World Centres and the WAGGGS Global Team.  

Please contact the Communications Team to access the pattern artwork files.


Patterns example


  • Our bold patterns are used in high energy and vibrant materials. If items are being printed these patterns should only be used where printing can be full colour. E.g. Magazine spread (using photography).


  • Our soft patterns can be used for quieter items. They are subtle enough to be used as backgrounds to create visual interest. E.g. Website background


  • Our simple patterns are provided for when one-colour printing is only available. These patterns are still highly visual and dynamic when used monochromatically. E.g. Regional newsletter

Our icons


We have developed a set of icons to help bring our materials and documents to life. These five core WAGGGS icons can be used across digital and print formats. They can be used independently or in combination to support specific points or to tell more complex stories.

You can download the core WAGGGS icons in the followingcolours: 

When using the WAGGGS icons please ensure that you follow these simple rules:

  • Do not change the colour of the icons - they should only be used in the above colours
  • Do not stretch, squash or change the shape of any of the icons
  • Ensure that the icons are used in context alongside other WAGGGS brand elements - using the icons in isolation will not help people to recognise our brand
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