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Our official logo is a symbol of our heritage that has been updated to look to the future. This guidance helps you to use our logo.

Our brand pages have been developed to help show our Members how they can use and apply our brand. If you are a brand, company or organisation looking to support or partner with WAGGGS, please note that we have specific guidelines for using our brand, name and logo.

Please contact comms@wagggs.org to discuss licensing.

The WAGGGS logo

The Trefoil has been an important symbol of our global Movement for more than 100 years. While our logo has been updated many times, the Trefoil remains central to the WAGGGS logo. The version of the Trefoil we designed in 1991 remains, but the elements around it have been refreshed. Our logo is bold, bright and can be used flexibly to suit a range of audiences. The four versions of our logo have been developed to allow us to talk to a variety of internal and external audiences. 

Variations of our logo


Our main logo

The main version of our logo features our full name. This should be used whenever you're talking to an external audience. The main version of our logo is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. 

You can access the logo in two formats. If you are printing on an office/home printer then you may want to use the lower-resolution .jpg version. For all digital purposes, we would recommend using the higher-resolution .png files. 

JPG Logos:

PNG Logos:

Other versions of our logo

When we are talking to audiences who know who we are - for example when we're developing documents for our Member Organisations, we use the acronym version of our logo. This logo is available to download in English as either a low-resolution .jpg file or as a higher-resolution .png file. 

In exceptional cases, where space is too limited for the main logo or for the acronym logo, we use the stacked acronym version of our logo. This version of the logo should not be used with external audiences. 

The final version of our logo is our watermark - this acts as a sign-off or WAGGGS endorsement. Its badge-like appearance is a nod to the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting culture and heritage. This version of the logo can be used when talking to any of our audiences. It acts as an endorsement mark and could be used on items such as envelopes or on merchandise. 

If you are printing a large scale item please get in touch with us to access large and vector versions of the logo.

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