Our colours and fonts

Find out how to use our colours and fonts when creating documents and materials

Our brand pages have been developed to help show our Members how they can use and apply our brand. If you are a brand, company or organisation looking to support or partner with WAGGGS, please note that we have specific guidelines for using our brand, name and logo.

Please contact comms@wagggs.org to discuss licensing.

Our colour palette

Consistent use of colours helps to ensure that all of our materials have a clear identity.  By using our colours in your online and offline materials, you ensure that they are easily recognisable as part of the WAGGGS brand identity. 

colour palette

Primary palette

Where we can, we mainly use the WAGGGS blue and yellow. This ensures all our communications are recognisably and unmistakably WAGGGS.

Secondary palette

When additional colours are needed we use the secondary palette. These are used for:

  • Brand patterns
  • Displaying infographics clearly or
  • Adding energy/pace in longer documents or resources.

These colours should be used in smaller proportions to the primary palette.

Colour combinations

Colour accessibility

This chart highlights the colour combinations which should be used when creating online and print materials.  

For maximum legibility, please ensure that only the colour combinations shown here are used. 

Contact the WAGGGS Communications Team to access our full colour-accessibility chart.


Tints of each colour have been designed to add visual depth and flexibility within our brand patterns and designs. 

Only use tints of colours when creating patterns and infographics where multiple colour options are required. Using pairs of colours that have strong contrast will make the design of information graphics more effective.

Colour palette - tints

Our fonts

WAGGGS' fonts help to show a consistent visual identity in all that we do. There are two fonts that we use for all of our materials:

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