Day 4 - Pax Lodge

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Field experience day

23 March 2011

YWWF 2011 Pax Lodge


Today, the delegates were divided in groups and each groups visited an NGO to learn more about what organisations are doing to create a better world and to achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

"The visit to the local recycling centre was very interesting. What was important how the community can really take part in protecting the environment, it's near the people. I was surprised to hear that so many different materials are recycled; not only plastic and metal but also appliances, clothes, shoes and books." Mariana Castro, Portugal

"Save the Children opened my eyes. I thought STC was just about poverty, but they encompass all the MDG's and are fighting for the children's rights for a better future." Rebecca Christini, New Zealand

"Peace Child International was an interesting organisation to visit. Only a few people run an extensive network of partners and projects that create a better world. What was very nice to hear was the focus on youth: they support young people to be the change they want to see in the world. The material they make is available for free for many, and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can get very good hints and well-prepared toolkits for their programme." Liisa Lundell, Finland

"International Award was totally different from what we expected. It was something new and extraordinary. We saw tv shows and knew that they go out to the community and have hands-on activities. But now YWWF gave us a chance to experience the same! We were introduced to the award, inspired by it and encouraged to take it." Crystal Wong, Malaysia

"We learnt about the great project Plan International are undertaking around the world and were inspired by their amazing world. We also learnt that girls are the magic ingredient to achieving the MDG's." Alison Bennet, Australia

The groups carried a video camera with them. After the visits, a two-minute video was produced and to be later on shared with other World Centres. In the evening, WAGGGS Cafe took place in Pax Lodge and delegates were able to talk to various people from WAGGGS and learn more about the opportunities they offer.

Liisa Lundell, Finland


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