Day 1 - Sangam

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YWWF2011SangamdelegatesToday we planted the seeds of our learning with the official start of the Young Women’s World Forum in Sangam, here in majestic India. 34 young women from 29 countries come together for a priceless experience in this beautiful World Centre.

Our learning began with group building activities, including forming a live map, tying knots, solving tangram puzzles, coming up with patrol symbols, a physical game of connecting body parts and a taste of the India’s Holi celebrations!

“We celebrated by throwing coloured powder and water at each other, embracing the local traditions of our host Centre and the country of India.”

We then moved on to our first capacity building workshop on self-esteem where we were able to differentiate passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours. We tested these concepts in a mock market, where some of us actually managed to “buy” some items.

We took a journey to the 100-year history of international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, and it was truly fantastic to see the changes and the impact that the Movement has made on the lives of so many girls and women all over the world.

We were also excited to participate in the opening ceremony which reminded us that this is a unique experience with one event taking place in the four World Centres(Sangam, Our Chalet, Pax Lodge and Our Cabana) at the same time.

We hope to make the most of this amazing opportunity, learning as much as we can and we are looking forward to the week ahead.

“Despite the fact that we all speak different languages and come from many countries we are learning to work together. As Girl Guides and Girl Scouts we are all connected by common values developed within ourselves and our desire to work together to create change in the world.”

The Lal Patrol (Marieke~Germany, Janelle~U.S, Suvd~Mongolia, Ari~Madagascar, Sammanie~Sri Lanka and Rachel~UK)


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