Asociación De Guías Scouts De Venezuela

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1958
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 522 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: No

WAGGGS Region:

Hemisferio Occidental / Western Hemisphere

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Comisionada Internacional
Asociación De Guías Scouts De Venezuela
Apartado Postal Número: 63054

Telephone: 00 582127931108
Fax: 00 582127937189


Promesa de la Guía

Yo prometo por mi honor hacer cuanto de mí dependa para:
Cumplir con mi deber hacia Dios y mi Patria,
Ser útil al prójimo en todo momento, y Obedecer la Ley Guía.

Guide Promise

I promise on my honour to do my best:
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times, and
To obey the Guide Law.

Promesa de la Hadita

Prometo hacer cuanto pueda por:
Cumplir mis deberes para con Dios y para con la Patria,
Hacer buen servicio a alguien cada día,
especialmente a los de mi casa.

Little Fairy Promise

I promise to do my best:
To fulfil my duties to God and my country,
To do someone a good turn every day, especially those at home.


Ley de la Guía

1 La Guía es leal y merece confianza.

2 La Guía es útil y ayuda a otros.

3 La Guía es comprensiva y generosa.

4 La Guía es hermana de toda muchacha Guía.

5 La Guía es cortés.

6 La Guía ve en la naturaleza la obra de Dios.

7 La Guía sabe obedecer.

8 La Guía es valiente y animosa en las dificultades.

9 La Guía es económica y ordenada.

10 La Guía es pura en lo que piensa, dice y hace.

Guide Law

1 A Guide is loyal and deserves trust.

2 A Guide is useful and helps others.

3 A Guide is understanding and generous.

4 A Guide is a sister to every other Girl Guide.

5 A Guide is courteous.

6 A Guide sees in nature the work of God.

7 A Guide knows how to obey.

8 A Guide is courageous and cheerful under difficulties.

9 A Guide is thrifty and tidy.

10 A Guide is pure in all she thinks, says and does.

Ley de la Hadita

La Hadita obedece y escucha a los mayores.
La Hadita complace a los demás antes que a sí misma.

Little Fairy Law

A Little Fairy obeys and listens to her elders.
A Little Fairy pleases others before herself.


Lema de la Guía - Siempre Listas

Guide Motto - Always Ready

Lema de la Hadita - La Hadita Ayuda Siempre

Little Fairy Motto - A Little Fairy Always Helps

Age groups:

Ranger Guía Mayor 15-18

Guide Guía Menor 10-15

Little Fairy Hadita 6-10

Daisy Marganta 4 ½ -6

Development of the movement:

Guiding began in Venezuela in 1958 when the Asociación de Muchachas Guías de Venezuela was founded in Caracas. In 1959 several companies were formed elsewhere in the country, and the first Guide rally and the first National Assembly were held. In 1972 the Association changed its name to the Asociación de Guías Scouts de Venezuela.


The Association has introduced an expansion programme and has been restructured to cater for a growing number of members. This programme includes wide dissemination of information about the Movement throughout the country.

Relationship to society:

Community service is very important for Guides in Venezuela. Guides have participated in a project to provide recreational activities for disadvantaged children, in a farming project for young people and in a programme for the inmates of reformatories. Members also visit homes for the elderly and take part in an annual anti-cancer fundraising campaign. Many girls have learnt about first aid, life-saving, fire-fighting and safety in order to give better service to the community. The Association is also involved in a government literacy programme, and Rangers have participated in a special service project in a children’s hospital.

Since 1994, the Rangers of Lara, one of the regions of Venezuela, have been working in a recreational workshop for children who are not attending school. This workshop is aimed at teaching these children how to read and write, developing their creativity and placing them in schools.

Communication and Co-operation

The Association recognizes the importance of involvement in international activities and makes every effort to encourage its members to participate in international events.

In 1991 two Venezuelan Guiders visited Sangam World Centre for the first time and every year several Guiders and Senior Guides attend the Regular Sessions of Our Cabaña in Mexico. In 1992/93 a Venezuelan Guider worked for six months as a House Assistant in Pax Lodge, while in 1996 a Venezuelan Guider worked for three months in Our Cabaña, Mexico, as a Programme Assistant. The group ‘Los Próceres’, from the city of Guayana, were one of the winners of the Olave Award for outstanding services to the community, for the triennium 1996-1999.

The Association informs the public about its activities through newspapers, radio and television. Guiding has a good image in the community, and the Association is aware it needs to keep publicizing the work of Guiding and its value for girls and young women. It publishes a magazine El Trébol, and an international newsletter called Guía-Visión, which gives information on Guiding at home and abroad.

The Venezuelan Association co-operates with the Scout Association, the Rotary Club and other institutions including the Fundación del Niño, and Fé y Alegría, which has developed programmes to provide recreational activities for underprivileged children.


A progressive training plan has been implemented for leaders of all three branches as part of the Association’s expansion programme, and training sessions and camps are held regularly for Leaders, Rangers, and Patrol Leaders. The Guiders attend courses given by the Western Hemisphere Region.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

The Asociación de Guías Scouts de Venezuela has its own school camps at Curupao, which are well-equipped and attended by members from all over the country. In recent years, Guides from neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago have camped there during the summer vacation, and courses for adults and girls of all ages are held there.

The Association has worked on conservation programmes and has created the ‘Billy Phelps’ Prize Project, a biennial project to promote awareness of the need for environmental protection programmes.