168 Health and Sanitation

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Date de saisie: 8 Avril 2004

Project objectives:
- To teach local people, scouts and students proper use of latrine and necessity of clean drinking water.
- To aware about the importance of sanitary condition in their daily life.
- Hygienic education to the scouts and school children regarding the community development and service work.

Results: Hygiene education was given to 3,200 people from seven districts including scouts, leaders and community people. Latrine constructions are continuing. The project was very effective.

This project was funded by the Association Des Girl Guides Luxembourgeoises

Organisations membres travaillant dans le cadre de ce projet

  • Girl Scout Section of Nepal Scouts

Régions travaillant dans le cadre de ce projet

  • Asie-Pacifique

Thèmes touchant à ce projet

  • Entraide mutuelle

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