Mutual Aid funded projects

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Here is a list of projects have been funded through the Mutual Aid scheme by Member Organizations around the world. Remember, if you have a project that could benefit from funding through the scheme, you need to complete a Mutual Aid Request Form (you must be signed in to the Members Area to view this document).

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239 Leader Handbook and Game Book
Cambodia - Improving the quality of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting through training and handbooks

The Girl Guide Association of Cambodia (GGAC) wishes to produce a Technical Handbook for Leaders and a Game Book in Khmer language. This project will ...
Help For Hurricane Alex
In July 2010, the 'Guias de Mexico A.C' launched a project to help those afftected by HURRICANE Alex, which swept through the city of Monterrey, Mexico. With nearly a metre of water inundating the city, some families lost everything whilst others went ...
238 New minibus for Association transport
Sri Lanka - Improved transport for volunteers working on community action

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association (SLGGA) is seeking £5,000 to replace their current minibus. The bus which the Association has used since 1990 is in a very poor ...
234 Grow Rads
Russia -Help RADS to GROW in many different ways

Rossiskaya Assotsiatsia Devochek-Skautov(RADS) aims to train leaders to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to plan and realize the projects. These projects are aimed at solving the problems ...
231 National Training Network
Nicaragua - Increase quality and membership through programme and promotion

Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Nicaraguaplans to recruit and maintain a network of trainers. After recruitment, the trainers will be given monthly distance ...
227 Drops of Life-Giving Water
Honduras - Encouraging recycling and better conservation

The Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras will be running a project to contribute towards water conservation through recycling and raising awareness about better ...
228 Young Women Advocates For Change
Honduras - Helping young women to be trained as advocates

The Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras selected 30 young women (aged 15-30 years) with strong leadership skills. Training will be given on advocacy issues using various ...
226 Trafficking and Abuse of Girls
Honduras - Help raise awareness and prevent the trafficking of girls

The Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras has identified ten rural girl guiding groups with high rates of migration and risk of sexual exploitation and ...
225 Training of Leaders and Trainers
Maldives - Strengthening the association through leadership training

The Maldives Girl Guide Association wish to implement a programme of training so that trainers are available throughout the country. They plan to hold atoll level training for ...
224 Extension of National Training Centre
Sri Lanka - Making a training centre bigger, better and more useful

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association hopes to extend an existing training centre. The building was vested in the name of the Association in 2004, however hand over has only ...
223 Building Capacity In Leaders
Uganda - Building Capacity in Leaders - Training for trainers and leaders to delivery quality guiding

The Uganda Girl Guides Association aims to provide high quality training at all levels of the organization. They hope to build the capacity of ...
220 Equality Project
Belarus - Spreading knowledge of children's legal rights

The project aims to spread knowledge of law, specifically in the sphere of children’s rights. The training will combine this legal awareness with an understanding of girls involved in ...
218 Kericho camp site
Kenya - buying and building facilities for girls and young women.

The Kenya Girl Guides were seeking funding to train leaders to organize camping activities, provide training on HIV/AIDS, peer education, female health, alternative training to ...
199 Refurbishment of Association Hall

This project was funded by Girl Guides of Canada.
217 Recruitment and Retention
Zimbabwe - Capacity building to strengthen the management of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting

After the displacement of people during operation 'Murambatsuina' in Zimbabwe some leaders and units became displaced and people were scattered all over the ...
195 Communication Networks
Cambodia: New office equipment aids the smooth running of Headquarters

The Association was seeking funds in order to purchase much needed office equipment for the National Headquarters;
Staff will be trained to use the new equipment once ...
194 Recruitment and Retainment of Girls And Leaders
Cambodia: Ensuring a strong and growing Member Organization

Project objective: To increase the number of members of the Association through the use of orientation sessions. The aim is to increase the number of girls and leaders by 200 each ...
215 Development of A Camp Site
Sri Lanka - Support the development of existing camp to ensure the safety and security of its members

Sri Lanka Girl Guides were seeking funding development of a camp site, by building a surrounding wall to encourage all provinces to use the ...
214 Acoger-Diversity In Guiding
Brazil - Increase effective relations among children and young people with physical and learning difficulties

This is a project to develop training sessions to increase knowledge of special needs education. The association would like to ...
213 Building A Meeting Centre
Benin - Building a centre fit for our girls

Association des Guides du Benin is building a centre to supply specialised training for girl guides as well as young women who do not attend school. A multi-purpose room will provide girls in rural ...
212 Educational Development Center For the Communities
Thailand - Help sub-centre to achieve their goals and maintain training centre

The organization has further plans to sustain the maintenance of the Northern Training Centre. Adequate fencing is needed on perimeter of the site to increase ...
211 Adolscent Pregnancy "you Decide"
Peru: Support adolescent health education for girls and families

The Association in Peru wish to implement an adolescent health programme. They would like to encourage adolescent girls to delay the start of sexual activity, emphasise the ...
210 Mothers At Risk
Peru: Help prepare mothers to cope with responsibilities of family life

Asociation Nacional de Guias Scouts del Peru was seeking funds to train 70 mothers, providing them with the necessary tools to raise their children in order to avoid early ...
209 I Know My Rights
Honduras: Support work so girls at risk can say 'I know my rights'

The Association in Honduras will be establishing guiding groups in 10 selected state schools. They will be training girls and young women in self esteem and decision making, ...
208 Great Girl Guide Club
Honduras: Boost adult membership with the Great Girl Guides’ Club!

Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras were seeking funding in order to organise 20 clubs of the "Great Girl Guides" where a selection of adult members will be ...
207 Training For Guiders
Chile - Providing training for young guiders and increase membership

Asociation de Guias y Scout de Chile is training one guider from each of the twenty-three areas of Chile. They will then be responsible for implementing the training in their ...
206 Publication "our History"
Chile: Contribute towards raising the profile of Girl Guiding

Asociation de Guias y Scout de Chile wish to produce a publication giving details of the history of the Girl Guide/Girl Scout movement in Chile. The Association required funding ...
202 Renovation of Training Campsite
Fiji - Renovating a campsite for future generations

Fiji Girl Guide Association was seeking funding in order to renovate a camp site and provide a venue for adult leadership training, youth weekends and holiday camps. The project will provide ...
201 Salaries For Headquarters Staff
Uganda - Boosting membership through permanent staff

Uganda Girl Guides Association is seeking funding to cover the salaries of two permanent members of staff for one year. Funding is required because of lack of membership fees. This is due to ...
222 Literacy Project
Yemen - Help improve literacy of girls and young women

Illiteracy is a problem facing Yemeni women with a rate that has reached about 80% partically in rural areas. Many of the girls are not enrolled in school or are unable to complete their ...
203 Health and Welfare of Children
Pakistan: Supporting the provision of education facilities for women

The Pakistan Girl Guides Association decided to carry this project in Samsani village by the name of "Health and Welfare of Mother and Child" addressing some specific issues ...
168 Health and Sanitation
Project objectives:
- To teach local people, scouts and students proper use of latrine and necessity of clean drinking water.
- To aware about the importance of sanitary condition in their daily life.
- Hygienic education to the scouts ...
178 Human Rights Education
A camp in 2004 was arranged as part of the project on "Education on human rights" as part of WAGGGS' Triennial Theme: Our Rights, Our Responsibilities. Its purpose is to promote knowledge and implementation of rights in the public arena through GG/GS ...
181 Revision of Handbooks
Maldives - Updated handbooks help volunteers to deliver quality Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting

A project to revise, update and reprint Association Handbooks. This project was funded by Guides New Zealand, Girlguiding UK and Girl Scouts of Japan as ...
183 Staff For Pre Schools and Day Care Centres
Staffing of pre-school and day care centres.

This project was funded by Girl Guides of Canada and Denmark through the Mutual Aid scheme.
185 Multimedia Equipment
Thailand - Multimedia funding helps girls and young women to make the most of new technology

Project to provide mulitmedia equipment for the use of members of the organization.
187 HIV/AIDS Awareness
Dominica - Raising youth and public awareness about the issue of HIV/AIDS

The Association organised an HIV/AIDS Training of Trainers Workshop in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Coordinating Office.

Participants included ...
188 Adolescent Reproductive Health Education
Honduras - Delivering education on adolescent pregnancy and AIDS prevention for young women and children

This project has opened up new guiding groups in different areas of the country, especially in the east and central areas.

This ...
190 Adolescent Pregnancy: "You Decide"
Peru - "Tu Decides" (You Decide) project raises awarenes about adolescent health

The aim is to enable young people to be well informed about sexual health, ready to make responsible decisions about when to have children. The programme ...
191 Distance Learning Course
Philippines - Providing a distance learning course linked to the Association's Leadership programme.

This project was fully funded by: Girl guides/girl scouts Associations in Canada, Finland and Japan.
192 Youth Resource Centre and Internet Café
Uganda - Providing girls and young women opportunities to connect with each other and beyond

This project focused on the provision of a suitable space for young leaders and others to meet within the national headquarters for youth improvement ...
184 Training of Leaders and Trainers
Sri Lanka - Training for trainers and unit leaders brings more girls into Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting

Sri Lanka Girl Guide Association received funding from Girlguiding UK and the Scouts and Guides of Denmark to put in place a series of training ...