Reflection, discussion and dancing inspire learning on NLDP day 2

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NLDPlogoFollowing the cultural night of day one, the second day of the training program started with a very positive mood. Relaxed in their chairs and enjoying some classical music, participants reflected on their learning experiences so far and shared them with another participant. Each pair held a ribbon on their hand as a symbol of their experiences. They were asked to put the ribbon around the ribbon of the pair who had influenced their learning the most. Seeing the ribbons joining together and dancing in harmony forming a big net of experiences was very inspiring! It reminded us how much we can learn from each-others!


Activities continued, and participants in groups of three were asked to "extend yesterday's learning" and create a 90 minute session using one of the WLDP modules for an audience of their choice. Discussions covered the trainer’s needs and main objectives of the session as well as the exercises and tools to facilitate this learning. The exercise was fun, interesting and very diverse. Later on, each group shared their outline with others to find out that the approach used is common to all. It is clear that the trainers in this TOT training are standing on a solid soil and the majority of them will be ready to take the large and make a difference in their Member Organizations (MOs).


paxMay2013nldpAs the day proceeded, we had the chance to reflect upon "monitoring and evaluation". The session gave us much food for thought and generated a rich list of questions that we need to consider while bringing the elements of NLDP to the local level. The session also allowed an insightful sharing of Monitoring and Evaluation practices among member organizations.


Absorbing this heavy load of information wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful interventions of the Asia Pacific Region who managed to bring the room on fire with their dances and games. This is their song:


Tepi tepi tepi.

Tepi depan belakang.

Tepi depan. Tepi belakang.

Tepi depan belakang!


Later we had the privilege to meet with Sally Elkes, Director of Membership Development and World Centres and the WAGGGS Regional Directors to share their concerns and expectations from the program as well as the medium of support they are providing. The session continued with the setting up of a framework of our future plans to put the elements of WLDP into practice in our MOs.


nldppaxlondonWe had a fantastic ending of the program by having an evening out in London sightseeing near the Thames River!

Update from Arab Region Participants


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