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WTD 2015 - Tell us what you think!
Now your World Thinking Day (WTD) celebrations are over, we would like your feedback on the WAGGGS WTD 2015 activity pack. This will help us evaluate our work and plan the activity pack for World Thinking Day 2016.
Help us continue to work towards the MDGs!
A month ago we have launched our MDG Take Action Backpack to help you on your journey to the MDG deadline in the end of 2015. MDGs are the focus of our Global Action Theme (GAT) “girls worldwide say together we can change the world”.
World Thinking Day Twinning Story
World Thinking Day 2015 is extra special in the Western Hemisphere Region, because celebrations are marked by joint events between our Twinning partners. Twinning 2020 was launched in November 2014 with the purpose of fostering cross-cultural learning and supportive international relationships among Member Organizations (MOs) within the Western Hem...
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2014
In Bangladesh funds were used for the creation of a project named ‘Education for Everyone’...
Message de notre président
Chères guides et éclaireuses, Je suis ravie de célébrer une autre Journée mondiale de la Pensée avec toutes les guides et les éclaireuses du monde entier. N’est-il pas vraiment formidable de penser qu’ à travers nos 146 Organisations membres, dans cinq régions du monde, 10 millions de filles et d’éclaireuses seront reliées les unes aux autres pour...
Qu' est ce que l'OMD 8 ?
Le thème de la JMP cette année est l'Objectif du millénaire pour le développement (OMD) 8 : Mettre en place un partenariat mondial pour le développement. L'OMD 8 repose sur les pays, les entreprises, les organisations et les individus qui investissent réciproquement sur leurs capacités et partagent leurs ressources.
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2013
The Asociación de Guías Scouts de Venezuela used their grant from the World Thinking Day Fund (MDG 4+5) to educate more young people about healthy and responsible relationships.
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2011
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2011
Follow the Guiding Light shine across the world this WTD 2015
Guiding Light shines across world this World Thinking Day 2015!
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2010
World Thinking Day Fund Stories - 2010

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